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Get better at keyboarding

0 There is a simple way to work more efficiently: improve your keyboard
00 skills by learning to touch keyboard them. If you are one of the vast majority
34 of some people who keyboard with two or four fingers, you may believe that
35 you are reasonably efficient. But the average person seldom achieves more
36 than twelve words by a minute when using this method, while touch keyboarding
37 can achieve up to 120 words, if enabling you to work almost as quickly
38 as you can think. Whatever position you hold in your company, you are
39 probably given responsible for answering emails or generating documents, and it
40 is quite likely that you spend too much time doing this. Stop and consider how
41 far much more you could do in a day as a result of touch keyboarding. You would
42 be able to create such a document faster than you can write and as
43 quickly as you can think and free up time to be more than creative. Moreover,
44 you would save up the cost of a full-time secretary, and no longer have to
45 wait for your documents to be created and either then have to return them for correction.


  《Get better at keyboarding》,keyboarding是键盘输入的意思。文章是在讲怎么提高键盘输入的效率。

  34题,the vast majority of people,一大部分人,some插进来是多余的,意思重复
36题,一分钟十二个字,正确的表述是twelve words a minute,介词by是多余的
39题,be responsible for固定搭配,如果要用given,后面得用responsibility。去掉given
41题,consider how much more you could do in a day,考虑你一天可以多干多少事。How far是形容有多远,在这里意思不对,用法也不对。
42题,create a document,创造一个文档,整个句子的意思是创造一个文档的速度比你自己写还要快。没有特殊指代某一个文档的意思,去掉such
43题,more creative,更有创造性了,more than是不仅仅是的意思,后面一般接名词而不是形容词,所以去掉than