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Time for a new career

losing your job isnt the end of the world: it gives youre the chance the a new beginning (0) says Caroline Poole, 30, Who was made redundant (31) her role as head of marketing campaigns with an insurance group two years ago. The news was a blow, especially after a successful nine-year career with the business, but she was determined to see redundancy (32) a positive force for change.
(33) it seemed a tough lesson at the time, redundancy was the catalyst that redirected my career, “ says CarolineIt gave me the break I needed to understand (34) my career objectives lay.”
Working with a consultant, Caroline explored a number of work options that oppealed to her. She also took advantage of workshops on issues (35) as setting up your own business, and managing your finances. A key consideration for her was (36) easy it would be to balance working in London with home life 100 kilometers away.
She was encouraged to network (37) other marketing professionals and via this route made contact with a communications agency. She took time out to go travelling , and on her return was offered a role in the agency. (38) was proof to her that she still had marketable skills.
Two years (39) from redundancy, Caroline is planning another career break . “ The experience of redundancy has made me view my options with more confidence. I now know that I can dictate my own career path, even (40) it were to mean resigning first and then taking time to find the right directionshe says.


31题,考查的是固定搭配。这里的意思很明显,是指这个女的在自己的职位上被开除了,make redundant是商业英语里的地道说法:Follow a fair and legal process when it's necessary to dismiss staff on the grounds of redundancy.如果是made redundant,后面的介词用from,可以看个例句:Just been made redundant from your last job
32题,比较简单,see as,将什么视为。将失业视为改变的积极动力。
33题,虽然是艰难的一课(a tough lesson),还是改变了我的职业方向(redirect my career),有转折的意思,althoughthough
35题,这题很明显,举例的,用such as
36题,分析这个句子的成分。前面是a key consideration,做主语,有个was,是谓语,was后面的是宾语。在宾语成分里出现了it would be to balance…..这样的完整的句子,所以空格部分应该填入一个词,引导从句,并且这个词所接从句必须倒装。满足这个要求的词是how。(How引导的状语从句要求部分倒装)
37题,network with,词组:connect as or operate with a network,将…连成网。
39题,two years on,固定说法,两年以后,两年过去了。
40题,很容易联想到even if或者是even though,只能填if不能填though。这是两个意思和用法都不同的词组。even if,即便,带有假设的意思,后面接虚拟语气;even though,即使,表示既定事实。40空后面的句子是虚拟语气,因此这个题目只能填if