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There're reports of rioting at an Australian immigration detention center on Christmas Island following the death of a refugee. Australian media say the riots started after an argument between a detainee and a guard about the death. Jon Donnison reports from Sydney.

The Australian Immigration Ministry has confirmed there have been what it calls disturbances at the Christmas Island detention center. There are reports some security guards abandoned their positions with fences torn down and fires lit. Fazel Chegeni was found dead at the bottom of a cliff after he apparently managed to escape from the centre on Friday. Around 200 asylum-seekers are held on Christmas Island which is one of several offshore detention centers operated by Australia. The country has been widely criticized by human rights groups for its treatment to the asylum-seekers but the government here says its tough polices have worked and stopped people trying to reach Australia shores by boat.”

disturbance n. 困扰,打扰, 骚乱

asylum-seekers 寻求(政治)避难者