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Im Tom Sanders with a look at the latest BBC news.

Vote counting in Myanmar is well underway after the first freely contested elections in 25 years. Supporters of the opposition National League for Democracy were in celebratory mood as they anticipated winning most votes. However, a quarter of the seats in parliament are reserved for the military. Jonathan Head is in the commercial capital Yangon.” We can take the military statement in terms of respecting this process at face value. This is their process moving away from absolute repression to the sort of semi-democratic government head for last four years. The question is how much further would they be willing to give. If the NLD does win by a landslide, how sensitively will Aung San Suu Kyi handle her negotiations with the military? They had very weak fraught relations in the past. They got passage in the reform period. But she did give the statement beforehand that she would not accept being buzzed in the presidency. If she cannot be president she will still leave the government.”

repression n.压抑, 约束, 抑制,镇压

landslide n.[地] 山崩,大胜利

beforehand adv. 提前,事先,预先