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1.contaminate vt.污染

【例句】The waste from this factory contaminates the water in the river.


2.contingency n.意外事故

【商务用语】contingency fund 应急费用

assessments contingency 资产估价中的意外损失

claims contingency 产权要求中的意外损益

contingency measure 应变措施

3.contingent adj.可能发生的;暂时的

【商务用语】contingent fund 应急费用

contingent fee 成功酬金

contingent annuity 临时年金

contingent cost 临时成本

4.contractor n.订约人,承包人

【商务用语】general contractor 总承包者;建筑公司

independent contractor独立承包人

labor contractor包工头

project contractor工程承包

5.contractual adj.契约的

【商务用语】contractual delivery 合同交货

contractual dividend 约定股息

contractual investment 合同性投资

contractual payment 债务偿还

【例句】You have a contractual obligation to finish the school building this week.


6. controller n.查账人,审计官;调度员

【商务用语】controller of accounts 审计官

controller of currency 通货检察员

goods traffic controller 货运调度员

anchorage controller 船舶停泊调度员

7.convention n.协定;惯例

【商务用语】bilateral convention 双边专约

business entity convention 财务报表按营业单位编制的惯例

comment convention 注解约定

conservatism convention 会计处理的保守计算惯例

8.conventional adj.惯例的,常规的

【商务用语】conventional accounting 会计惯例

conventional duty 协定关税

conventional cost accounting 常规/传统成本会计

conventional community 约定财产共有

9.conversion n.换算,兑换,转换

【商务用语】bond conversion 债券兑换

conversion of foreign money 换算外国货币

conversion of loan 贷款转换

conversion of money into capital 货币转化为资本

10.convert vt.转化,兑换

【例句】I want to convert some Hong Kong dollars into American dollars.