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1.compulsory adj.被强制的;义务的

【商务用语】compulsory circulation 强制流通

compulsory debt 强制公债

compulsory insurance 强制保险

compulsory prepayment of charges 必须预付费用

2.computerize vt.用计算机处理,使自动化

【商务用语】 computerize industrial management 使工业管理自动化

【例句】The firm decided to computerize its wage department.


3.concession n.让步;特许;租界

【商务用语】limited concession 有限让与

price concession 让价

tariff concessions 关税减让

timber concession 木材租约

【例句】The boss's promise to increase the workers'pay was a concession to union demands.


4.conciliation n.安抚;调解

【商务用语】conciliation board in industrial disputes 劳工纠纷调解委员会

conciliation commission 协调委员会

【例句】The dispute in the engineering industry is being dealt with by a conciliation board.


5.conductive adj.有助于...的

【例句】Exercise is conductive to health.


6.configuration n.构造,结构;配置;外形

【相关词组】chain configuration 链构型

network configuration 网络结构

reflection configuration 发射结构

spatial configuration 立体构型

7.congestion n.拥塞;密集

【相关词组】congestion surcharge 拥挤附加费

congestion of traffic 拥挤的交通

congestion of population 人口过剩

8.conglomerate n.联合大企业;多种经营大公司;跨业经营公司

【商务用语】conglomerate company 综合公司

conglomerate financial statement 联合企业财务报表

conglomerate merger 多行业企业合并

9.conglomeration n.混合物,联合,集团

【商务用语】conglomeration integration 多行业企业合并联合

10.consensus n.集体意见,君子协定

【例句】The voters'consensus was that the measure should be adopted.