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1.collapse n.& vi.倒塌;失败;跌价

【商务用语】the collapse of plans 计划失败

the collapse of the market 市场价格暴跌

【例句】Share prices collapsed after news of poor trading figures.


2.collateral adj.间接的 n.附属担保品,债务抵押品,抵押资产

【商务用语】additional collateral 追加担保品

fixed collateral 固定抵押品

import collateral 进口担保品

mixed collateral 混合抵押品

3.collective adj.集体的

【商务用语】collective agreement (劳资间的)集体协定

collective goods 集体财产

collective account 集合账户

collective bargaining 劳资双方就工资等问题谈判

4.commemorative adj.纪念的

【商务用语】commemorative dividend 纪念性股息

5.commensurate adj.相称的,相当的

【例句】He was satisfied with the job commensurate with his abilities.


       6.commerce n.商业,贸易

【商务用语】co-operative commerce 合作商业

handwork commerce 手工艺商业

international commerce 国际商务

oversea commerce 海外贸易

【例句】Our country has been trying to broaden its commerce with other nations.


7.commercial adj.商业的,贸易的

【商务用语】commercial depression 商业萧条

commercial company 贸易公司

commercial acceptance 商业承兑汇票

commercial accounting 商业会计

8.committee n.委员会

【商务用语】accepting houses committee 承兑行委员会

budget committee 预算委员会

check committee 查账委员会

nomenclature committee 税则分类委员会

9.commodity n.商品,货物

【商务用语】primary commodity 初级商品

ready commodity 成品

scarce commodity 稀缺商品

10.commute v.交换;抵偿;换算;每天(乘火车)往返上班;定期往返于两地间

【商务用语】commute foreign money to domestic 把外币兑成本国外币

commute imprisonment into a fine 以罚款代监禁

【例句】Miners commute between the mines and their housing estates on weekdays.