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Report writing Ex 4: Sample answer: (235words)

Reassessment of job satisfaction: Sue Pearson(PR Dept.)

This report sets out to use Workset colours to assess the accuracy of my job description as PR officer and to suggest a number of changes.
It is clear that there is a difference between the way the company views the job and the reality as I perceive it. Firstly, a number of areas which demand a significant proportion of my time are not mentioned in the official job brief. The segment on the pie chart which provides most cause for concern is the pink sector; this relates to my attendance at a number of meetings which I can contribute little. Another significant area is the grey segment; this refers to the unscheduled time I spend sorting out computer problems. I feel these activities are hampering my core work. As can be seen from the pie charts, the time I spend actively working to meet the goals agreed with my line manager is less than envisaged.
The above discrepancies clearly indicate that my current job brief is inaccurate.
I would recommend that my official job brief should be updated using the Workset colours. It would also be valuable to consider the proportion of non-core colours in the pie chart and to investigate whether work in these areas could be carried out by someone else more suited to these tasks.