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Exercise 1
You will hear two people talking about the definition of management.
Listen and complete the definitions that they give about management.
F:Bill,do you agree with the definition of Websters dictionary that management is the act or the art of conducting or supervising of something.
Um,do you have other ways of expressing management?
M:Well,I think that if I checked Websters dictionary,that would be the most general definition.
Naturally there are more discreet definitions.
Uh,discreet,for example,if a man is giving a speech to a company group and he says,
the management of this company have decided that so and sos going to take place.
That means a group of people.
Thats an example of a narrow limited definition.
I think the one which you just mentioned_the act or art of managing,
the conducting or supervising of something is broader and I like that.
But I would even give a broader one yet.
I would say;management is manipulation to accomplish a preconceived objective.
It can be a business objective;it can be a personal objective;
it can be a financial objective;it can be a humanitarian objective.
You know and then any number of different types of objectives...
Exercise 2
You will hear two people talking about womens role at home.
Listen and decide if the following statements are ture(T)or false(F).
F:Isnt a woman,for instance,a manager who runs a home,um?(M__Sure).
I think she is.
M:To me a woman who runs a home is running a mini_business. #p#副标题#e#
F:Yes,yes,I couldnt agree more.
M:She has the husband;theres an income that comes to the family(F_Right)And then there are suppliers;
(F_Yes.)There are the laundry,somebody who does the laundry,the place where you take it ,the mechanic who works on the car.
Theres the filling station where you buy the gasoline and any number of things;supermarkets mini_company.
She is trying to keep expenditures down.
She is trying to keep gross revenues up.You can put it all in business terms.
(F__Yes.)Shes trying to be efficient.She has kids to manage,(F__Yes,she does.)in many instances.
F:And her career sometimes,too.
M:And her career if she can,jus__just managing the kids;getting them to help.(F__Um,hum)
Controlling what they do rather than just letting them irradiate all day long and do whatever they want to do.
(F__Yes.)Now,all these things are important and thats a__thats a great example of management.
F:Does anybody manage you,Allen?
Exercise 3
You will hear three people exchanging ideas about what management is.
Listen and match the speakers with their ideas on what is managed in life.
M1:To me the idea of _of management is using ones,uh,time and energy and talents to accomplish some objective,
and if youre managing someone else,then you need to find a way to use their talents and their time and their energy to accomplish either an individual or a group objective.
Thats what management means to me.
F1:Management to me is,uh,not so much managing people as,um,time and _and myself and energy and,
uh,in_in the business world,uh,you do have to manage other people if youre in that position,
but for me thats the most difficult part of management.
Um,I have a hard enough time managing myself.
And after I ,uh,have my goals and objectives clear,then its much easier to manage other people.
But thats very important.
And to be a good manager is to have your own goal and_and,um,philosophy and concepts clear in your mind.
M2:I also think that managing means a very broad concept.
You have to manage yourself because you have to have your own timetable,time distribution and so on.(F1&M1_Um,hum)
M1:That must come first.
M2:Yeah.And then you may manage an institution which is absolutely a non_profit organisation. #p#副标题#e#
You manage in your household.
You have first of all to make both ends meet which is rather a big feat of management,manage your family;
education is a sort of durable management I would say.
And then the most difficult thing is to manage people,peoples time,(F1_Uh,hum)to make them identify with a goal which you have set for them and not themselves.
(F1_Uh,hum)And then I think you have also to manage the objects with which the goal may be achieved:machines,raw materials,and so on.(F1_Um,hum...I____)
M1:Yes,you mentioned identification and that seems very important to me if a person can be iden__if he can identify with the goals of the organisation,
with the objectives of the organisation,then hes much more likely to do a good job,and to make your job easier as a manager.
Conversation 1
Look at the form below.You will hear a telephone conversation about the arrangements for a meeting.
F:Karen White.
M:Hi,this is Allen Hunter from Acme Trading.
M:Just calling to give you some details of next weeks meeting.
F:Right...thats next Friday,isnt it?
M:Yes,thats right,the 4th of February.Well be starting around 10:30.
F:Ok.Where shall I go when I get there?
M:If you report to the reception,theyll give you a security pass.
F:And I ask to see you,do I?
M:No,Ill be tied up unfortunately.Ive arranged for Mr Green to meet you and take you up.
F:OK,I just make a note of that.
M:Now,Ill be sending you a couple of things before the meeting.
First of all,I thought it might be useful if you had an agenda so Ill be faxing you that later today.
M:And I assume youll be driving,so Im sending you a visitors pass to get into the car park.
M:OK,well.Ill look forward to next Tuesday.
Conversation 2
Look at the form below.You will hear a man calling about an order for office equipment.
M:Hello,can I have a word with Mr Mark Gordon,please?
F:Who is speaking,please?
M:Tom Sands of Jennings and Black.
F:Im afraid he isnt in the office this morning,Mr Sands.Can I give him a message?
M:Certainly.Would you tell him that the equipment you ordered from Jennings and Black is now ready for delivery,at least,almost all as it is.
F:All right.How do you spell Jennings?
M:J_E_double N_I_N_G_S,Jennings.
F:By the way,what isnt ready? #p#副标题#e#
M:Two of the keyboards.Once they arrive from the manufacturer,
Ill arrange for an immediate delivery to your office.
F:Have you any idea when well get them?Without the deyboard,the computer is pretty useless.
M:Normally,itll take two days.But with the holidays,probably,longer.
F:Four days?
M:Id say,five days,actually.
F:OK,Mr Gordon should be back in the office around lunch time.
When is the good time for him to phone you?
M:The best time between 11:00 and 12:00.
F:Oh,by the way,whats your number?
M:.If by any chance Im not in,you can always fax me on .
Conversation 3
Look at the note below.You will hear a man calling about a meeting.
M:Hello,this is John Brown speaking.Can I speak to Peter Dawson,please?
F:Oh,Im sorry,but hes in London this afternoon.Can I help?
M:Yes,please.I need to get a message to him.
F:Of course.Is tomorrow morning soon enough?
M:Well,actually its rather urgent.
Im calling about the meeting of the finance committee.
I have been having some serious problems with the new software,
and Im not sure if I have all these spreadsheets ready for our meeting tomorrow afternoon.
Can you ask Peter if we can postpone the meeting and have it on Wednesday,
which I think was one of the alternative dates we discussed.
F;Well,the best I can do is contact him at home this evening.
M:Yes,thats a good idea,thanks.
I-Im not available this evening,but if hes like to change it to another day,
could you ask him to call my home number and leave the details with my wife.
She will be in all evening.Ill be very grateful if you could do that.
Section 1
You will hear five short pieces,decide what the speaker is doing.
Write one letter A__H next to the number of the piece.
13.(M)We recently placed an urgent order with you for three hundred of the T56 electronic circuit.
We are now three days past the delivery date,and nothing has arrived.
We are not very happy about the situation.
Now we are under great pressure to meet our own contract on time.
14.(F)I know you may have your doubt,but I really feel we got to change the image with presenting.
You know,modern efficiency plus product reliability.
Im confident that the new style of campaign will lead to increased sales.Wont you consider it?
15.(M)Have you thought about the costing involved in setting up training facilities like that?
In theory,its a good idea,but because of the costing involved,its simply out of the question.
I couldnt possibly agree to spend like that.
Our present budget wont allow it.
16.(F)Ive just heard about your new promotion.
Im very pleased with you.Its just what you deserved after all the hard work youve put in.Well done.
17.(M)Hello,George,its Peter here.Im sorry.
I got to cancel our appointment for this afternoon.
Something urgent comes up. #p#副标题#e#
I know its really short notice and will be awkward for you.
Im afraid it just cant be avoided.
Section 2
You will hear another five short messages.
For each message,decide what the speaker is doing.
Write one letter A_H next to the number of the message.
You will hear the five messages twice.
18.(M)This is Mr Lim from TP Consultants.
We arranged to rent some computers from you for a training course in July but they wont be needed.
Weve run into some problems with the training room.
When its sorted out well get back to you.
19.(F)Larry___this is Maria here.
Im trying to get the project leaders together to discuss the current delivery delays.
Ive provisionally booked room W52 for Wednesday morning.
Could you phone round to see if everybody can make it?
20.(M)Hello.I wonder if you could help me.This is Bill Kennedy on 3416577.
Im phoning to see if you have any vacancies in your Accounts Department.
I spoke to someone at the weekend who thought there might be the possibility of a temporary position and Id like to find out more about it.
21.(M)Hi__its Tom Ling.You left a message asking if I could attend the Directors meeting Friday lunchtime.
Im just calling to let you know that Ill be able to make it although I might be a few minutes late.
Ive got an appointment with the dentist earlier on but I hope to be back in time.
22.(F)Dave__its Maisy.
If youre free at the weekend would you like to come with us to the theatre?
Wed like to treat you.
We feel we owe it to you for all the help youve given us recently.
Theres a new comedy on__supposed to be really good.
You will hear a radio interview with Brian Williams,a management expert.
The interview deals with staff management issues.Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentences.
1(for interviewer,womans voice):Good afternoon and welcome to Your Business.
We have in this studio today Brian Williams,head of the management unit of Lawson & Fowles Publishing.
Brian is here to discuss successful staff management.
Brian,what makes a good manager?
B(for Brian,mans voice):Well,its a combination of things,but at the top of the list I think Id put being truthful.
Staff have certain expectations of how they should be treated and they want their managers to be fair.
Not telling your staff whats happening is a sure way of losing their respect.
You need to concentrate on solving problems,not hiding them.
I:But not all problems can be solved,can they.
B:Most can,actually,but thats not the point.
The thing is,instead of reacting after the damages done,
you should be talking to staff about how things are going and avoiding a situation where THEY come to see YOU about the problems after the event.
The trick is to decide what problems might arise before they actually happen.
1:What about having staff work together?How should that be managed?
B:Well,some people appear like working on their own,but in most companies,
people who work on their own do so because they have been neglected.
They have been given a task and their boss is not interested in how it is being done.
This makes their sense of achievements smaller no matter how hard to work.
People who work in teams have clearer overall picture of the work they are involved in.
They have a role to play,and they know that if they dont perform well,
it is not only the business is going to suffer but also the other members of their team.
So it is up to managers to create teams within their organization and encourage this team spirit.
It raises performance.
1:How is this best done?
B:Well,its important to identify certain key employees among your staff and give them particular support and attention.
If these key people are encouraged in their work,they would perform better themselves,
and more importantly raise the general level of performance of all the others in their area.
I:Isnt it also a question of recruitment?
B:Yes,yes,lots difficulties in staff management arise because managers genuinely dont know how to select the right person.
Sometimes interviewees are chosen on the basis of written personality tests which bear no relation with the work theyll be actually doing.
Many managers admit that they sometimes ignore the lack of appropriate skills in recruiting the staff.
Id say that in the vast majority of cases they simply opt for the candidates whos made the best impression in half an hour or so.
I:So,what should we have instead?
B:Well,the selection procedure should involve matching the skills and knowledge of the applicant to the actual job.
And they should be done in the most immediate and relevant way possible,
for example,if you try to recruit a trainer for your company,
an important part of the interview should involve the applicant giving a prepared training session.
Training is what theyll be doing,so you should see them in operation before employing them.
I:That sounds sensible.
The final question,Brian,is about discipline,which is perhaps the hardest factor to get it right.
What is the latest thinking? #p#副标题#e#
B:Umm,well,the issues are;should you be a hard,unfriendly boss,make sure everyone obey your order without a question,
or should you be more sympathetic and listen to your employeesdifficulties?
Then there will be time when you have to discipline someone whos done something wrong.
It can be difficult if you are on very friendly terms with them.
So a certain distance is neccessary.
On the other hand,if you are too unapproachable,you may not be made aware of important problems.
I:Well,thank you,Brian.Im sure plenty of managers out there will find out talk very interesting.