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Exercise 1
You will hear a man phoning about the test_marketing results.
Listen and write down the figures.
F:Stephen Harvey here.I've got the Maxy test_marketing results.
M:Oh,have you!So how do the results look?
F:Quite promising.
M:Oh,yeah?What was the retail sales total?
F:Just over ninety million dollars.
M:Ninety million?How many people are there in Greece?
F:A little under ten million.
M:Oh,not as many as I thought.
How do your sales figures break down,regionally?
How many sales regions are there?
F:There are five.Central Greece,with the capital,Athens.
M:Just tell me which region got the highest sales total.
F:Central Greece,easily.It's got nearly half the population.
Sales were thirty_six million.
F:And how about the other four regions?
M:Well,Macedonia was about twenty million,Peloponnese sixteen million,Thessaly twelve million,and the Islands nine million.
F:Are those the results you'd expect,taking into the account the population of each region?
Which regions got the best results pe head?
M:The Peloponnese did very well indeed.Thessaly did well.
The other three were pretty similar.
F:Uh_huh.That's interesting,Stephen,I look forward to seeing the detailed figures very shortly.
I have to hang up now.I've got Paris on the other line.Bye.#p#副标题#e#
Exercise 2
You will hear two people talking about Ida's report.
Listen and match the figures on the right column with the description on the left column.
F:I must admit I didn't quite follow Ida's figures at meeting yesterday.
Where did she get them from?
M:You mean things like 360,00 more spent on advertising,bringing in a 1.6 million increase in turnover?
She was comparing the figures for 1990 and 1992.
In 1990 we spent 50,000 on advertising.
In 1992 it was up to 410,000_right?
That's an increase of three hundred and sixty thousand pounds.
But turnover rose from one point one five million to 2.75 million_that's a 1.6 million increase.
F:But she tried to show that advertising had got wonderful results.
The percentages she was using_were they correct?
Where did she get them from?
M:She was talking about advertising as a percentage of all expenditure.
In 1991,revenue was 1.9 million and profits were 280,000,so outgoings must have been roughly one point six two million.
Advertising was 170,000,which is about ten per cent of outgoings.
F:But in 1993 she said advertising would still be only twenty per cent of outgoings.
Why was the figure so low?
M:Ah,that was where she went wrong.
She assumed that the target figures would be the real ones.
The target figures for 1993 are actually quite high,with revenue at 4.5 million pounds,and profit at three quarters of a million.
That means outgoings would be about four and three quarter million pounds.
So her big advertising target would be quite small in comparison_about twenty percent,in fact.
Exercise 3
You will hear a company GM making an end_of_year presentation.
Listen and complete the presentation notes.
Man:Ladies and gentlemen_if I may have your attention_thank you.
Before I go on to talk about our targets for the coming year,let's have a look at our performance over the year.
I'm going to divide my review into two parts:firstly,financial and then technology.
On the financial front,the results have been very pleasing.
Turnover has increased by 18%,costs have dropped by 3% and profits are up by 16%.
So the company as a whole has performed well.
Some sales have done very well__especially in China,our largest export market.
The domestic consumer market has been very competitive and will continue to be so_our results in this market have been rather disappointing_just 2% up compared with last year.
Right,let's move on to technology.
I thought you would be interested to have an update since this is vital for our future growth.
Over the last year,our Research Department has thoroughly tested a new prototype engine.
Results so far have looked promising.
We have also invested heavily in an European technology programme which links industry with the universities.
Right,those are the two main parts_finance and technology.
Are there any questions before I go on?
Conversation 1
Look at the form below.You will hear a man telephoning a colleague about his time sheet.
F:Good afternoon.Jane's speaking.
M:I just remember that I left the office this afternoon without completing my time sheet.
If I give you the details,could you do it for me?
M:I think I left the time sheet on your desk.
F:Yes,you did.I got it in front of me.
Now,let's see.Dave,I'm sorry,but I can never remember how to spell your surname,P_R_A...
F:Right.And you haven't filled in the project you're working on,either.
M:No,I'm sorry.I left them rather in a hurry.
I'm working on the office survey project.
F:Right.You fill in the hours from the 13th to the 16th,but the 17th is blank.
M:Yes,can you put 6.2 for the 17th?
F:Right.And the status is still ongoing,is it?
M:No,surprisingly enough,it is completed.I finished it at last.
Conversation 2
Questions 5-8.Look at the form below.You will hear a man requesting some refreshments from his office canteen.
M:Hi,this is Ken Takow in Sales.Is that Arvy?
F:Yes,it is.
M:Arvy.We got a panic on.Sorry to call you at such short notice.
Ah,We got a meeting at 11:00 with the department head and I don't think anyone's ordered coffee and things.
Do you think you can rustle something up?
F:Sure.11:00?That's in 10 minutes.
We're a bit busy ourselves at the moment.
Uh,a quarter past is going to be the earliest that I can get it to you.Is that OK?
M:Yes,that'll be fine.
F:What do you want exactly?
M:Well,just a pot of coffee and a pot of tea.
This's going to be about 8 of us.
Oh,could you send along some chocolate and biscuits as well?
F:I'll do my best.Where is it going to be?
M:We'll be in Room GK113 as usual.No,wait,we can't use that this week.
It's being decorated.Oh,dear,I have to find somewhere else.
Uh,take it to Room GK113 anyway.I don't think they have started their work yet.
Maybe we'll have to move to GK50.But I'll sort that out.
F:Right.Who is going to sign for it?
M:Let's see.uhmm,I might not be there when the coffee arrives.
Get Bob Green to authorize it.
M:Green,the colour.
F:OK.I'll get someone started it right away.
Conversation 3
Look at the form below.You will hear a woman calling about an order.
M:Harrisons Office Supplies Ltd.Can I help you?
F:Oh,hi.This is Janice Freeman here,assistant manager at STP Stationery.
M:Hello,Janice,what can I do for you?
F:I'm afraid we've had a bit of problem with the last order you sent to us.
M:Oh,dear,do you have the order number there by any chance?
F:Yes,it's 78362 and it was dispatched on the tenth of May.
M:Right,I've got a note of that.Now,what was the problem?
F:Well,we had a lot of customer complaints about those computer discs_apparently it was impossible to save any data on them.
I'm not sure why exactly.
M:Was that all the discs or just one or two of them?
F:Well,we exchanged the first few,but the replacements were just as bad.
So after that we gave everyone the refund and withdrew them from sale.
M:Mmm.It looks as if the whole batch is faulty then.
F:I'm afaid so.
M:I tell you what I'll do.
I'll come over and collect them myself this afternoon and I'll send them all back to the manufacturer.
M:Great.And we'll adjust the invoice accordingly of course.Sorry about this.
F:That's all right.Thanks a lot.
Section 1
You will hear five short pieces.Each speaker is making an informal progress report on their work.
For each piece,decided what the job of the speaker is.
Write one letter(A__H)next to the number of the piece.
Do not use any letter more than once.You will hear the five pieces twice.
13.(F)I'm really pleased with my progress over the last few months.
I feel I'm now fully in control of this equipment.
I know what it's capable of and more importantly,I can deal with most of the breakdowns without calling the engineer in.
14.(M)You can see from the figures that there's been a lot of improvement recently.
We've introduced a range of special offers as well as improved brochure designs.
It seems to be paying off.More people are coming into the shops and they're buying more.
15.(F)With turnover down in all our branches,many managers are asking me to do surveys of local buying habits.
It's hard to convince them to wait for the results of a larger study we are doing into the consumer trends.
From talking to consumers,I think we have a long_term problem with our products_ _which we can't solve by simply imtroducing new designs or new logos.
16.(M)The office has been unusually quiet lately.
With very low staff turnover throughout the company and few department expanding,there hasn't been much work for us.
On a more optimistic note,I feel there are very clear signs that we've been recruiting the right people_ _staff aren't resigning or losing jobs.
And there've been more internal promotions recently.
17.(F)I have been very busy in dealing with the consequences of the recent reports in the national newspapers.
We've had lots of inquires from shareholders,customers and suppliers.
The department reacted by distributing a well_designed leaflets,addressing public concerns and stating the facts accurately
It's been a tough campaign to save the company's reputation,but I think we're winning it.
Section 2
You will hear another five pieces.#p#副标题#e#
Decide with topic in the box each speaker is talking about.
Write one letter A__H next to the number of the piece.You will hear the five pieces twice.
18.(M)Now,I'd like to look at the latest figures.
The breakdown is on the first page of your report.
And as you can see,the overall trend is very promising.
There's an increase in turnover of twelve percent.
That's the marketing improvement of last month's figures.
And I think it clearly shows the launch of the new model has been successful.
Perhaps we should now start to look at the increasing of production.
19.(F)Of course all companies are aiming for greater efficiency and I think the important factor in achieving this is the skilled workforce.
We take on a number of younger apprentices each year and for the first year,they're learning on the job.
We also have a number of in_house schemes in which existing employees either learn new skills or improve one they already have.
I think it's particularly important for staff to keep up with developments in new technology.
20.(M)This is a small company and most of our employees are from this area.
We generally advertise vacancies in the local press.
During our busy periods,we take on 30 to 40 extra staff.
They're temporary and mostly come to us through local employment agencies.
21.(F)We come now to the launch of SRT.
It's essential if we were to reach our targets that we attract a considerable number of new customers.
We must look at the cost of a national television campaign.
There are some preliminary figures for this on the second page of the report.
We have to get the promotion of this model right from the start.
22.(M)The management are very pleased with the latest figures for the Watervor Plant.
For an equal number of man hours'work,there has been a 25% increase in output.
This is a much better rate than the same period of last year.
I think the introduction of staff bonuses as well as the arrival of new machinery have brought about this great efficiency.
You will hear a speech given by the Chief Executive of the Aerial telephone company at its Annual Meeting.
He is talking about the company results,and the setbacks and successes the company has experienced during the year.
Choose the correct phrase to complete each sentence.
Good afternoon,ladies and gentlemen,it gives me great pleasure to be here today to report on the progress of Aerial Telecommunications over the last twelve months.
As you know,our results for 1993 as I announced this month,can be summarized as follows.
Although the turnover for the year showed a fairly small rise of just 3 percent,our operating profitrose by 4% more than for the previous year.
The results for the year were encouraging,showing a growth in the number of telephone calls being made both nationally and internationally.
However during the year,we've had to overcome two main problems,namely more competition from other companies and strict price controls.
As far as competition is concerned,the message is quite simple:it is here,it is tough and it is probably going to become a problem.
Our aim is also simple,that is to provide all our subscribers with all the convenience and advantages a phone company can offer,
so that they would look no further than Aerial to give them what they require at a price they can afford.
We want to give our customers,wherever they may live,all the benefits they can get from subscribing to one of the world's leading phone companies.
To turn to the other problem of price controls,as many of you already know,
we have to operate under the price controls of the director general of telecommunications.
Despite the fact that our company has the most open telecommunication policy in Europe,
the pricing restrictions under which we operate mean that sales in the international market have been slow.
We hope the new director general will be able to settle many of the problems of price over which we in Aerial have no control.
Now I turn my attention to the company's success stories over the past year.
The most noticeable was the establishment of our joint_venture company last year with NCL,
the largest telephone operator in the United States.
We have taken a 20% holding in the new company.
The new development is probably one of the most important in telecommunications over the last few years.
Their marketing skill are well_known and we look forward to learning a great deal from them.
Our share in the joint company will provide both NCL and Aerial with new money to invest in growing business areas of interest'Do As Both'.
Another international negotiation was successfully concluded at the end of the last year.
We want the contract to supply the province of the New South Wales,Australia with a state communications network.
The deal is the most important single overseas contract ever concluded by Aerial since its foundation in 1983.
At this point in my address in recent years,I've had to refer to the effects on our business of economic recession.
In my opinion,our better results suggest that the downturn in the economy stopped around the autumn of last year,
though business is not yet picking up.
With this trend in mind,I'm pleased to hand over to our chief accountant who will explain the company accounts in detail.
So if you would now turn to page 20 of your annual report on accounts,I will stand aside,for Mr William(fade out)...