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Exercise 1
You will hear a man phoning about an article of a new product.
Listen and decide which of the following statements are true(T)or false(F).
M:Hello.Is that Nicole Parkwich?
M:Hi,Nicole.What can I do for you?
F:Somebodys just shown me an article in a Japanese trade journal for the plastics industry.
Its about a new type of injection moulding machine.
M:Oh yeah?Sounds interesting.Id like to see it.
F;The article,you mean?Im afraid its in Japanese.
M:Thats OK,we can get it translated.
Whens this machine going to be ready?
F:They expect to be shipping them in about a years time.
M:Oh,I dont think we can wait that long.
F:Its a very advanced machine_a big improvement on what were using now.
M:Mm,well.What do you suggest?
F:Id like the other members of the management committee to know about it.
M:Could we get it translated in time for next weeks meeting?
F:I think so.I thought Id show the article first to people who are most concerned.
M:Yes,exactly.Why dont you tell R&D about it and Harry Evans_send them photocopies if you can.
Exercise 2
You will hear a man making his presentation at a conference.
For the following questions,choose the right phrase to complete the sentence.
You will hear the recording twice.
(Mans voice):Good afternoon,ladies and gentlemen.My name is Testuo Endo.
I represent the Mikan Electronics Corporation and I am going to talk to you for a few minutes about my companys productsin particular,
about our post office weighing machines.
You wont have to queue for nearly as long in future as you have done in the past in the post office,
if you adopt our Eagle range of electronic postal weighing machines.
The benefits of our Eagle weighing machine are not limited to the rapid printing of postage labels.
Changes in postal rates can quickly be programmed into the machine.
The machine is so sensitive that it can weigh a single gram,so the post office clerk doesnt need a special balance any more for weighing air letters.
And it is easily modified to accept any credit or debit card. #p#副标题#e#
The clerk swipes the card through the machine and the customers account is automatically debited.
In the future that could mean less cash passing across the counter_less incentive for the criminal to threaten the clerk with a gun.
So,with one machine we eliminate two kinds of post office hold_up.
Exercise 3
You will hear several speakers commenting on the most successful product of the century.
Listen and fill in the form with the information you have heard.
M1:Our last question today is:"What is the most successful product of the century?"
I think the obvious answer is Coca_Cola,but Im not sure.Jean,what do you think?
F:I think one of the most successful is Aspirin.
If people have a headache,they immediately ask for an Aspirin.
Aspirin cures headaches and the name is easy to remember.
M2:I agree,but in my opinion,the best known product of the century is the Marboro cigarette.
Probably thats because of its advertising.
M1:OK,so advertising is important.
What about other products which exist now,but which didnt exist twenty years ago.
M2:There is the Walkman.
M1:Do you really think that is a great product?
M2:I think so.Millions of people buy them.They are very practical.And stylish.
F:I dont agree that the Walkman is stylish.
I think it is functional but not stylish,the most stylish product of the century is the Lacoste polo shirt.
It is a very simple design,but itll last for many years.
M1:I agree.But again,that is because of good advertising,dont you think?
M1:But some products are well_known without any advertising.
F:Yes,like Kleenex.
Im not sure that Kleenex makes all the paper handkerchiefs on the market.
But it is certainly one of the most practical products of the century.
M1:What about childrens products;games and toys,and so on?
F:Lego is probably the most popular with both girls and boys,dont you think?
And it seems to be popular with all ages.
But there is a lot of competition so they have to continue to advertise and repackage the same idea.
M1:Well,I think that is a good place to end.
I shall put on my Bay_Bans and go out for a Big Mac.
I hope they take American Express!Until next week,goodbye.
Conversation 1
Look at the note below.
You will hear a man phoning  a printing company about a delivery problem.
M:Good morning,Tops.Frank is speaking.How may I help you?
F:Morning.Is Stella there?Its Sohpia,from Business Electronics.
M:Oh,right.No,I think shes gone out.Yes,like to leave a message?
F:Could you tell her the catalogues havent come yet?
Im going to have really serious problems if I dont have them by Friday lunchtime latest OK.
M:Well.I hope theyre already on their way.
Anyway shell get back to you quite soon,I should think.All right?
F:Yes.Im going to be out of the office for some time.
Could you call me on my moblie phone?My number is .
M:All right.I got that.Thanks then.
Conversation 2
Look at the form below.You will hear a man telephoning about a problem with some equipment.
F:Good morning,Service Department here.How can I help you?
M:Hello,this is Jonathan Leigh from Eversheds Solicitors.
Its about photocopier we bought from you recently.
Its still on the guarantee and we are having a few problems with it at the moment.
Wed like someone to come and have a look at it as soon as possible.
F:Yes,Im sure we can see to that,Mr Leigh.Can I just check a few details?
Is Leigh spelled L double E?
M:No,its L_E_I_G_H.
F:And could you give me the address,Mr Leigh?
M:Yes,its 24 North Street.
F:Could you also give me a contact phone number? #p#副标题#e#
M:Yes,its 407881.
F:Sorry,did you say its about a printer?
M:No,its our photocopier.
F:And what exactly is the problem?
M:Well,Im not sure really,but the paper from one of the trays keeps getting stuck.
F:I see.
M:When will somebody able to come?
F:One of our service engineers will call tomorrow afternoon,thats the 25th.
M:OK,thats fine.Thank you very much.
Conversation 3
Look at the form below.You will hear a man telephoning a garage.
F:CC Collins Car Repairs.
M:Hello,Ive got a problem with my car.I wonder if you could look at it.
F;Certainly,sir.Can I take your name please?
M:Yes,its Mr.Suova.
F:Could you spell that for me please?
M:Yes,its S_U_O_V_A.
F:Ok.You say you have a problem.Whats the make of the car please sir?
M:Its a BMW.
F:How old is it?
M:Its a 1989 model.I bought it second hand a couple of years ago.
F:Right.And what seems to be the problem?
M:Well,I brought the car in last week for a service.
And since then I have a problem with the brakes.
They make strange noises when I slow down and the whole car shakes.
F:Umhuh.We can have a look at the brakes for you.
When would you like us to do the work?
M:Wednesday would be the best for me.Can you collect the car?
F:That should be OK.Where would there be?
M:Well,I would be at meeting all day at Park Hotel.
So,if you could pick the car up from there,that would be very helpful.
F:Bye,sir.See you Wednesday,then.
Section 1
You will hear five short pieces.
For each piece,choose the topic from the box that the speaker is talking about.
Write one letter A_H next to the number of the piece.You will hear the five pieces twice.
13.(F)There is just one other thing from our catalogue that Id like to show you.Its fast.
It uses laser technology and it is recommended for busy offices that deal with a lot of correspondence.
Of course it is also compatible with our new range of computers.
14.(F)We want something that is eye_catching enough to draw peoples attention.
It needs to be memorable to that they are next in the supermarket,they will look twice at our product and hopefully be persuaded to buy it.
15.(M)This is where the larger products are stored.
Its quite a large building and goods are kept in the different base that you can see on either side of this isle.
We try and keep a sufficient number of the fast moving items in stock,
so that we can meet an urgent order when it comes in.
16.(F)We should have the figures to show us immediately that the company is making a loss so that we can act quickly.
I think that we could gain great financial control by having the books brought up today more frequently than once a quarter.
17.(M)This is Mr Wright from Britains Toys.
We have recently one contract to supply two South American countries with our electronic toys and they require operating manuals in their own language.
We were hoping that you could do this for us by the end of the month.Please let us know.
Section 2
You will hear another five pieces.
For each piece,decide what the main reason is for the phone call.
Write one letter(A__H)next to the number of the piece.
Do not use any letter more than once.You will hear the five pieces twice.
18.(M)Look,sorry to bother you,Claire.But I need your hel
Remember Tom was talking about that new employment agency and how efficient they are.
Well,can you remember what they were called?
I cant find them in the book_ _I must have noted down the wrong name.
19.(F)Sue,Im ringing to say if you do need a hand clearing the backlog,then let me know.
I do have some time available and maybe I could be of use.
Oh,and be careful to get the hourly rates right this time!!
20.(M)Just to say that Ive now got some interesting information on the problem we discussed earlier.
And er...well,Ive changed my mind and I accepted your argument.
I think your advice is absolutely right.
So I think we maybe arguing along the same lines in the future.
21.(F)Hello,Phil...Im just phoning because I think I might have seemed too critical during your presentation.
You know,a bit aggressive with some of my questions.
You see,Im very interested in this topic and sometimes I get a bit...well...over_excited?
So Im really calling to say"I am sorry".See you tomorrow.Bye.
22.(F)I do understand your problem with cash flow. #p#副标题#e#
And Im sorry to have to do this in the case of an old business associate,
but unless we receive payment by the first of the next month,
well have no alternative but to refer to the matter to our solicitors.
You will hear part of an interview with a consultant who has studied the needs of small companies.
Choose the correct phrase to complete each sentence 23_30.You will hear the recording twice.
F:This morning Im pleased to welcome Dr Paul Anderson,a leading consultant specializing in the management of small businesses.
Mr.Anderson,whats the most important finding of your recent published studies of small businesses?
M:Well,we found poor management is the main weaknesses of small firms.
Managers of small companies need to handle a wide range of tasks,like planning,marketing,staff appraisal,not to mention financing and leadership.
But sandly,very few managers in our survey could do many of these tasks well.
F:Is that any different from whats happening in large companies?
M:Well,a big company has a large number of managers.
Each one with responsibility for only one or two management functions.
Big companies can call on more human resources to deal with any difficulties.
Its precisely because small companies have to rely on so few managers that they need to do so many various tasks.
F:So staying with small companies,how can the managers develop the skills they need?
M:Well,training.And managers in small rather than larger businesses need more rather than less training.
But in fact they are getting far less training than their counterparts in big business.
One fifth of small companies surveyed did no training at all.
Rather standard small company undertook only 2 or 3 days training a year for its managers.
Id say five days is the absolute minimum to even begin to deal with the issues.
F:I suppose the cost of the training is the reason for this.
M:Yes.Most companies said they couldnt spare the time or the money.
On average,the most small companies willing to pay for training is 100 pounds a day though they know that this isnt enough.
The study argues that one hundred pounds per day is the minimum cost for adequate training,
and we recommend a government subsidy for training the managers of small firms.
F:And what about attitudes towards staff development?
M:We were very disappointed with the attitudes we found.
Some managers refuse to do any training and many companies prefer to bring in people who are already skilled.
There is a belief that training benefits only the individual who then usually find a better pay job elsewhere.
Most companies try to get skilled staff from other companies rather than do the training themselves.
F:And what about the training that does occur in small businesses?
What a manager is being trained to do?
M:Well,most training is in technical skills financial statements,writing reports,tax laws and so on.
Well,we found some managers who were being trained in interpersonal skills and human resources management,
but managers need to develop skills in strategic planning.
Very few of them are even aware that this is one of their functions and there is almost no training in this area...
F:The studies found many complaints about the courses.
What did small company managers complain about?
M:That training is too theoretical.
That there is too much theory and the course provides textbook answers which cant be applied to managers individual problems.
But the main problem they mentioned was that the courses looked at typical problems at large companies rather than the kind of problems they see in their businesses.
F:Finally,Mr.Anderson,what recommendation did you make?
M:Uh,our main suggestion is to direct training to what participants need to do in the work place at the time of their training,
for example,if theyre working on business plans,the training should develop the skills they need in this particular area.
And by the end of the course,they should have a business plan they can actually use.
This kind of training is an extension of the work place,
an opportunity for managers to get part of their job done more effectively.
So you can see thats a real need.