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Exercise 1
You will hear a man giving a presentation on quality control improvements in ABM Industries.
Listen and complete the outline of his presentation.
Good morning,ladies and gentlemen.
My name is Naves Richardson,and I'm very pleased to be giving this presentation on quality control improvements in Sunworld Industries.
In my presentation this morning,I will cover four major areas.
First of all,I'll take a little bit about the history of quality control in Sunworld,
and then I'll talk about the improvements in quality control in our plants.
The third area I will talk about is the results we achieved from the improvements.
Finally I will describe the future plans for quality control in our plants.
At the end of my presentation I will try and answer any questions you have.
First,then,let me give you some background on quality control in...
Exercise 2
You will hear a man giving a description of the overall production process at Toledo Manufacturing.
Fill in the blanks in the description as you listen.
There are eight steps from design and development to shipping.
After the basic design work is done,the second step is technical design,which is carried out by a computer before trial assembly.
After trial assembly,the prototype goes on to testing.
If the test results are good,the process continues to the production technology stage.
During this stage we design or develop the manufacturing machinery.
If the test results are poor,we return to the design stage.
The sixth step is actual manufacturing in the plant.
After manufacturing we carry out strict quality assurance,where are check materials,specifications,etc.
We also give feedback here to the design,testing,and other stages.
After that we are sure that our products are of the highest possible quality,the final step is shipment to our customers.
Exercise 3
You will hear a man describing the process of developing a new part.
Listen and decide if the following sentences are true(T)or false(F).
M:Today I'd like to explain to you the process of developing a new part.
There are four major steps in this process:design,trial assembly,testing,and analysis.
Let's start with the design section.
Please follow me,and please stay inside the yellow lines.
F:I'm right behind you.#p#副标题#e#
M:This is the design section of the Product Development Department;five people work here.
There are four factors designing a part:cost,strength,weight,and how easy it is to manufacture.
The customer is especially interested in low cost,light weight and high quality.
F:Of course.
M:Total time for this step is around two to four weeks,but we can reduce this by using a computer_aided design system.
F:Do you use such a system now?
M:Yes,for about 40 percent of new parts,but we want to increase that to more than 50 percent in the next two years...
The second step in the process is trial assembly,which is usually done by hand,and takes about a month on average.
The exact time depends on the part size and number of component parts.
F:If you have more parts,it takes longer,is that right?
M:Yes,that's right.After trial assembly,the next step is testing.
We usually carry out two kinds of tests:strength tests and fatigue tests.
If the part is used on the outside of the automobile,we also carry out salt_water spray tests,which take about 800 hours.
F:A long time.Is that for corrosion testing?
M:Yes.Finally,the test data is analyzed.
If the results are good,we try to make the part even better.
If the results are poor,we analyze the cause and give feedback to the design section.
After that we repeat the process from design to testing.
F:How long does the whole process take?
M:One cycle,from design to testing,takes about five months.
Total development time is around two years.
Conversation 1
Look at the form below.You will hear a woman telephoning to check on the production of some components.
M:David Johnson,Machine Shop.
F:Morning,David.This is Jenny from Spares.
I was ringing to find out what was happening with those wheel covers.
M:Oh,you order some WC109s.
F:That's right.Are they ready?
M:Not the whole batch.The first fifty are finished,but the other half won't be done until Monday.
F:What's the problem?
M:We had a breakdown on the assembly line.It should be fixed this afternoon.
F:OK.David,perhaps I'll ring back on Friday to check everything on schedule.
M:I won't be here on Friday,Jenny.You have to speak to the new production manager,Andi Nwely.
M:That's it.You have not met him yet,have you?
F:No,not yet,a little chance to speak to him then.
M:Yeah,I think you'll like him.
F:(laugh)Hope so.Thanks a lot,David.
Conversation 2
Look at the form below.You will hear a woman phoning to arrange a delivery.
M:Dell Express.
F:Good morning.I'd like to arrange delivery,please.
M:Right.Right!Can I have your company's name first,please.
F:Yes,it's DTP Training.
M:Oh,yes.And what items are we talking about?
F:Two office desks.
M:OK.And when do you want this done?
F:On the 15th,if possible.
M:Is 3 p.m.OK?
M:And collecting from your office?
F:No.From Park College.
M:OK.Where do you want them delivered to?
F:They're going to our new offices at 67,Westgate.
M:All right.And how would you be paying for this?
F:We prefer to do it by check.Is that OK?
M:Fine.That's done then.Let me just confirm the details.So it was...
Conversation 3
Look at the form below.You will hear a phone call from a commercial property agency.
F:Imports and Distribution Department.How can I help you?
M:I'd like to speak to Robert Winterman,please.
F:I'm afraid he's not here at the moment.He's on his lunch break.Can I take a message?
M:Yes,this is Mr Weisler here from Linton's,the property agents.
F:Sorry.Could you spell your name for me,please,Mr Weisler?#p#副标题#e#
M:Yes.It's W_E_I_S_L_E_R.
I'm phoning because our warehouse is just becoming available and I think Mr Winterman might be interested in it.
It was new in this morning and seems to be the type of thing he's looking for.
F:Where about is it?
M:It's very close to the harbor which is what he asked for.
I've got the details here and I'll put them in the mail this afternoon so they should arrive tomorrow.
They'll give all the information he needs.
F:Well,thank you for ringing and I'll make sure he'll get the message.
M:Yes,thank you.Oh,and could you ask him to call me to arrange an appointment?
That is if he is interested and want to see the warehouse.
F:Yes,I will.Good-bye.
Section 1
You will hear five salesmen about office equipment.
For each person,decide what he or she is selling from the list in the box.
Write one letter A_H next to the number of the piece.
You will hear the five pieces twice.
13.(M)This model comes in black,gray or white.
You can have it either your desk or fixed to the wall.
We give it 10% discount for orders of 10 or more.
It's a very popular style.
It's got a memory button for 12 different numbers,so you just need to press one button to get it connected.
It does save looking at frequent numbers all the time.
I'm sure you will find this model would be....
14.(F)We have a complete range of 3 and 4 drawer models.
The drawers pull in and out very easily and each one can be locked_ _very useful for storing confidential material.
The larger models have space for 200 hanging pockets in each drawer.
Models can be supplied in gray,green or black.
You can stand them side by side or even put one on top of another in pairs.
This is a good idea if you need to divide a large office into smaller parts.
Our delivery time is quite....
15.(M)What we have in store depends on the number of uses you have in mind.
If we look at this model first,you'll see it has all the usual printing and memory facilities_extremely useful in the office.
All material can be stored on disc of course and then we can arrange for staff training and software packages according to your particular needs.
Anway,perhaps we can first of all discuss....
16.(M)You see we can supply all kinds of styles and sizes to suit everyone from the managing director to the receptionist.
We can supply styles with a woodfinish and leather tops,drawers to the left or to the right or on both sides.
Everything can be tried out in our show room.
You can sit down and want to see how it feels.
I will leave the catalogue and call you in a day or two.
You find a range of matching chairs on papes....
17.(F)This is our smallest model_suitable for the small officer or even in the home.
You can see it sits on the desk very easily.
The larger models of course need to stand on the floor.
This popular machine does colour as well as black and white.
All models reduce or enlarge if required and print on both sides of the paper.
The largest model will even staple the sheets together for you.
And of course our after_sales service includes emergency repairs within 24 hours...
Section 2
You will hear another five short pieces.
For each piece,choose the location where the conversation is taking place.
Write one letter A_H next to the number of the piece.
You will hear the five pieces twice.
18.(F)I have been working on it for a couple of hours and the problems seem to be OK now.
I can't understand why that message appeared on the screen.
There must be a problem with the hard disk,but as I said it's working all right now.
I also looked at the printers,since you said the paper was sticking some of the time.
That just needed cleaning.Everything seems fine now.
19(M)I've just finished looking at the draft contract for Simons International Limited.
And there are some aspects that I'm not happy with,particularly the clause regarding damages.
I think this could well lead to leagal problems for you in the future.
And my advice is to delay signing.
I'll see if they would agree to the amendment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
20.(F)This has been an increase in the amount of correspondence that the managing director give me.
While I'm happy with that sort of thing on the typewriter,I'm not so confident on the word processer.
There is also the other office technology that I expect to keep up with and I quite often have to ask other staff for help.
I really feel that I need to go for a training course.
21.(M)I'd like to put in a request for a company car.
You know that I have customers throughout the area.
Working under the commission bases I'm always under the pressure to make more sales.
How can I do that if I'm arriving late or have to cancel the appointments.
In every month,there seems to be more and more samples for me to carry around.
22.(F)Here's the report that you asked for on the company's financial record.
I audited to that book recently and nothing irregular came to light.
You've got here the figures for the last five years with the breakdown on the separate headings for production costs,investment totals and final figure for pre_tax profits.
I documented and analysed the figures for the last quarter in more detail and you find those on pages 10 and 11.
You will hear an extract from a radio interview with a media analyst.
In this part of the interview she talks about two sections of the BBC:World Service Radio and BBC Enterprises.
Choose the correct phrase to complete each sentence.
M:Can we turn to the BBC World Service Radio now?
Are their listening figures going up or is their audience's getting smaller as television becomes more widely available worldwide?
F:Well,they've gone from 125 million to 130 million last year,which is a relatively small increase.
But what is surprising perhaps is that about 80% of the total worldwide audience for international radio programmes listens to the BBC.
M:That's high percentage.Haven't there been quite a lot of changes in the world service recently?
F:That's right.They've widened their radio services to include new areas of the world and extend their production capability overseas,
so,they're more focused close to their customers.
M:Sorry,I mean particularly changes in their organization.#p#副标题#e#
F:Yes,they used to have an organizational and management structure which was based on 39 languages in which the world service broadcasts.
Now they're moving to a structure which reflects the six main regions of the world which it serves.
So there's a geographical management structure.
M:Also a linear one?
F:Oh,yes,that was very much part of the plan.
They want to match the content and timing of their programmes more closely to the requirements of the target and audience.
M:Could I ask you now about BBC Enterprises.
Firstly,for the benefit of some of our listeners,what exactly do they do?
M:Well,they do the marketing and selling.
As one of marketing BBC productions to the other companies worldwide,
they publish and market the BBC's own consumer products,
such as books,magazines,language learning materials,videos and audio cassettes.
M:How are they doing commercially?
F:Well,they are very successful business.
I think their turnover last year was well over 200 million pounds and it's rising fast.
F:BBC Magazines now have the best selling magazine in six different magazine categories and in fact the BBC is the major player in the UK video market,
currently the second largest in the UK.
In book publishing,their market share is improving all the time.
One of their cookery books,for example,reach the top of the non_fiction best_selling list last year.
M:We did hear about some problems with staff.
Could you shed some light on that?
F:In the BBC generally?
M:Yes,well,I was thinking of the criticism by some well_known broadcasters about the new business culture inside the BBC.
F:Well,there have been problems of the kind familiar to the employees of many private sectors,
and public sectors organizations going through major structural changes and trying to be more efficient and competitive in the changing market place.
People always prefer to go on working in a way they've always worked.
It probably needed to become a bit more businesslike.
M:Nothing more serious than that?
F:No,not in my judgement.
They need to change to compete with a commercial media,but the future is exciting for them.
When BBC World Service Television gets going properly,and their new alliance with Pearson begins to bear fruit.
Remember Pearson is one of the top media companies in the world.
M:Thank you,Rachel Jackman,media analyst for the Evening Star.