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Exercise 1
You will hear a woman contacting Mr Park on the phone.
Listen and decide if the following statements are true(T) or false(F).
F:Oh,hello_is that Mr Park?
F:Hello,Mr Park.My name is Karen Shersteen and I'm interested in your products.
I'm the buyer for Skopie's,that's a big store over here in LA.
M:Yes,of course.I know Skopie's well.
F:You've heard of it.Good.Now,Mr Park,I was in Paris last week and I saw some dresses by Nicole Vernay and I was just swept off my feet.
M:They are good,aren't they?
I'm very please to have the exclusive rights to manufacture Mademoiselle Vernay's spring collection.
F:Yes,that's what she told me.That's why I'm calling you now,Mr Park.
M:I expect that you would like to see our catalogue and price list?
F:A catalogue and price list,that's precisely what I want.
M:In fact,we have already sent them to you by air mail_you should receive them in a day or two.
F:Oh,have you?Oh well,in that case I guess all I have to do is sit back and wait.
Exercise 2
You will hear two men talking about Yacht Boy 206.
Listen and choose a proper phrase to complete the following statements.
M1:So what do you think of the Yacht Boy 206.
M2:I like it.But I'm not sure about the market.Who will buy it?
M1:Business people,probably.They listen to the BBC on shortwave when they're away on business.
M2:OK,so business people working abroad will buy it.What about people living abroad?
M1:Yes,I'm sure they'll be interested.But you won't sell many to the general public,I'm afraid.
M2:So,as far as sales outlets are concerned,supermarkets are not good.
M1:No.I'm sure that supermarkets won't be interested in it.
It's too specialized,and the price is too high.
But I think you will have customers in airport gift shops.
M2:...And by mail order?
M1:Yes,especially by mail order.That's where you'll have your best sales.
M2:What about advertising,then?
M1:Forget general magazines,You won't get good results from them.
But you'll get a lot of orders if you advertise in business magazines.
and direct mailing is the best way to attract people living abroad.
M2:OK,Tom.So when do I have to make a decision?
M1:As soon as possible?
M2:I was afraid you'd say that!
M1:No,seriously.My client wants a UK distributor as soon as possible.
If you don't make a decision now,you probably won't have another chance later.
M2:Give me a week!
Exercise 3
You will hear a woman making complaints.
Listen and fill in the forms with the information you are going to hear.
F1:Benn Distribution.Good afternoon.
F2:Hello,can I speak to Philip Benn,please?
F1:Who's calling,please?
F2:This is Nancy Van Eysen of TPS.
F1:Sorry.Can you spell your name?
F2:Yes,V_A_N E_Y_S_E_N.
F1:And I didn't catch the name of your company?
F1:Thank you.Hold the line,please...I'm connecting you.
M:Philip Benn Speaking.
F2:Hello,Mr Benn,this is Nancy Van Eysen.
M:Good afternoon,Mrs Van Eysen.Are you calling about your order?
F2:Yes,about the calculators,the model RK_529.#p#副标题#e#
They arrived this morning,but there were no instruction manuals in the boxes.
M:No instruction manuals.That's very strange.
F2:Can you look into the problem?And then can you call me back as soon as possible?
M:Yes,of course.Do you have the order number?
F2:Yes,it's 4189.
M:4189.And it was twenty calculators,model RK529.
F2:That's right.
M:OK,Mrs Van Eysen.I'll call you back in 10__15 minutes.
F2:Can you make that 30 minutes?I'll be here at 10.
M:10 o'clock.Ok.Bye.
Conversation 1
Look at the form below.You will hear a man telephoning about hiring some equipment.
W:Good morning.Sound Systems Incorporated.
M:Hello.I wonder if you could help me.
I'm organizing a conference next week and I need to make sure that the guest speakers can be heard.
Do you hire out sound equipment or that sort of thing?
W:Yes sir,we do.What type of equipment did you have in mind exactly?
M:Well,the conference is going to be in the city hall next Thursday and there will be over 200 people.
We'll need a couple of microphones so that people right at the back can hear.
W:OK,no problem.
M:We'd also like to record the conference.
W:So you need a tape recorder.
M:Yes.And how much will this all come to?
W:Well,if you take the C450 conference system,it works out at $ 150 a day.
M:OK,I will discuss with my manager and call you back later.Thank you.Good bye.
W:Good bye.
Conversation 2
Directions:Look at the form below.You will hear a man placing an order for some stationery.
W:Good morning.Stationery Department.
M:Hello,is that Jane?
W:Oh,no.Jane is on holiday,I'm afraid.This is Linda.Can I help?
M:I'd like to order some...
W:Just a minute.I'll get an order form.Right,yes,sorry,you'd like to order...
M:Yes,some printer paper,please.We're about to run out and we've got a lot of work coming up.
W:Umm.It'll take a couple of days.
We've run out as well.Jane forgot to order some before she went away.
M:Oh,dear.That's nuisance.
W:How many packages shall I order for you?
M:Let's see.Ten.No,wait,better make it fifteen.
Not sure to keep it going for a couple of months.
W:OK.Can I have your name please?
M:Yes,it's Peter Wilkins.
W:Oh,I know.You're in finance,aren't you?
M:Yes,that's right.
W:OK.I'll put the order through.When do you want it by?
M:Well,do you think we could have it by Tuesday?
W:We'll do our best.
Conversation 3
Look at the booking form below.You will hear a man telephoning to order some equipment.
W:Purchasing Department.
M:Hi,Sally.This is David Staines from Research.
W:Hi,David.What can I do for you?
M:I need to order some weighing machines from Lapcode.
W:Weighing machines.OK.Let's see,the same model you bought last year?
M:That's right.We bought three,but now I need two more.
W:Oh,that's fine,David,except that now 153 pounds each,so in total that would come to 306 pounds.
M:That's bit more expensive than I expected,but we really do need them.
W:OK.And shall I have them sent to you at the department?
M:Actually,Sally,I prefer to have them directly sent to the laboratory.
Will that be all right?
W:Yes,of course.I'll make a note on the order form.
M:Thanks a lot,Sally.
W:No problem.Bye.
Section 1
You will hear five people talking on the phone.
For each caller,choose the main reason for their call from the list in the box.
Write one letter(A__H)next to the number of the caller.You will hear the five telephone calls twice.
13.Caller:(F)Well,I'm sorry to say I was disappointed when I took the delivery.
The good was not what I expected.The quality was awful.
And your prices really are pretty high,aren't they?
Really,it's just not good enough.
14.Caller 2:(F)Anyway,I'm ringing just to say how thrilled I was when I got your letter.
It's a real change for someone to write so politely and so quickly,too.
15.Caller 3(F)I do hope you can help me.
It's about that computer software we had from you.#p#副标题#e#
I wonder if you could let me have the same again by the end of next week.
Our account number is 50043 and we really need it before the end of the week.
16.Caller 4(M)It's about an arrangement for next week.
Thrusday lunch time is rather difficult now,so how about Friday?
The morning would suit me.But of course,it could be later if you like.
17.Caller5(F)I'm afraid it was my mistake and I am ringing to say that of course the company will do everything it can to put the matter right.
I hope this error has not caused you too much trouble.
I'll contact you again this afternoon when I've checked the paperwork.
Section 2
You will hear five people talking about different documents.
For each piece decide which documents(A__H)the speaker is talking about.
Write one letter(A__H)next to the number of the piece.
Do not use any letter more than once.You will hear the five pieces twice.
18.(F)When I receive this I must admit I wasn't expecting it.
I mean most people who go are a lot higher_up than me.
So I was quite flattered really.
But then I realize that I couldn't go.
I have been ignoring the RSVP,but I suppose I have to let them know I can't make it.
I'm a bit disappointed because they may never ask me again.
19.(M)Yes,hello.Yes,I received it yesterday morning,but there must be some mistake.
It's just far too high.
I think the problem is that you've included things that we are not asking for.
You see,I have approached several other companies.
They are all about half of what you suggested.
20.(F)Our photocopier has been getting a bit unreliable and I was wondering what I could do about it.
If you read this form we were given when we bought it,
it says that if the photocopier has a problem in the first three years,
someone will come to fix it free of charge.Is that correct?
21.(M)I didn't realize that I have to attach a photograph.
I filled in this sort of things so many times before and it has never been as complicated as this with ridiculous questions like"When did I pass my test?".
It was so long ago.I can't remember.
I hate filling these things in.It's going to take me ages.
And then I'll bet half of it will be wrong.
22.(F)When I first saw it,I couldn't believe it.
It's 10 pages long.
I thought it will be a simple matter of plugging the video in and switching it on.But no.
I had to study the thing.It was like being back to school.It was so complicated.
I still can't get some of the functions to work.Maybe you could have a look.
You will hear someone talking about Marketing.
Choose the correct phrase to complete sentences 23_30.You will hear the recording twice.
(Man's voice):I'm going to talk to you today about the importance of marketing and how it affects business success.
Last year,when I spoke at the seminar,I believe I mentioned the four P's theory_ _the four Ps being Product,Promotion,Price and Place.
Well,nothing stands still these days,computers seem to be changing our lives almost on a weekly basis and I know companies have great difficulty in keeping up with modern developments.
Marketing theories seem to be changing just as rapidly and today,I'd like to start by presenting the four Cs theory,
which puts the customer at the centre of attention,rather than the previous theory,which concentrated on the product.
The first two Cs are Communication and Consumer.
Instead of simply promoting your product to an unknown market,it's essential that you identify the consumers and communicate with them.
Discover what it is that the consumers require,their wants and needs and then make sure what you have to offer is communicated to them.
The third C stands for Cost.
When you're preparing your costing,it's important to understand how much customers are prepared to pay_ _not only for the product,
but everything connected with it:i.e.presentation,the before_after sales service you provide and the overall quality of what you're producing.
The final C is Convenience.
Might consumers switch to your products because it is more convenient to purchase than anyone else's?
Well,many businesses have made a success advertising their products by catalogue with consumers ordering by telephone,or fax.
This type of convenience shopping is becoming increasingly important for a variety of reasons.
Many high_street shopping centers are over_crowded,having parking problems.
Wandering around the shops can take ages and it is inconvenient for busy people.
And also many small towns can't support a large selection of superstores.
Getting close to your customers means that you're in a good position to be able to tell what they're likely to desire.
The chairman of Sony,Akio Morita,could see a market for personal stereos_ _a market that has previously not existed,
and which relied on predicting that people would enjoy walking around with a couple of loudspeakers...
strapped in their ears and convincing them that they will be fun.
But whatever marketing strategy you employ,the most important thing is you do in fact have one.
It can't be stressed too strongly that standing still is not an option and that it is essential to actually aim for some kind of future.
And it must be more than just a few ideas that have been discussed at an annual meeting.
Strategies must be formally agreed on and written down on paper_ _a permanent record can be referred to and against which progress can be measured.
A lot of unsuccessful companies believed that this exercise is only carried out for the benefit of the bank and helps nobody in the end.
They would do well to change their attitude to marketing and take it a lot more seriously.