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You will hear three passengers at the airport.Listen and complete the missing details.
F:Can you tell me the gate for the flight to New York?
M:Do you have the flight number?
F:Yes,it's AF 745.
M:AF 745.Hang on.Yes,it's Gate 10.
M:Are there any seats on the next flight to Tokyo?
F:To Tokyo?That's CA737.Yes,there are.But you have to be hurry.
M:What time does it leave?
F:Half past nine.
M:Half past nine.Can you reserve me a seat?
F:Yes.Of course.Business or economy?
M:Excuse me.Is the flight to Madrid boarding now?
F:Sorry,sir.Which flight to Madrid?
M:The British Airways.
F:BA 134.Yes,it's boarding now at Gate 6.It's leaving in fourteen hundred.
M:Pardon me.What time?
F:At two o'clock.
M:That's one hour late.
F:Yes,I'm sorry about that,sir.
Exercise 2
Isabelle is phoning Holiday Inn to reserve a room.Listen and fill in the missing information.
F:Good morning.Holiday Inn.Can I help you?
M:Hello,I'd like to know if you have any rooms available.
F:When exactly?
B:Next week.For two nights.I arrive on the 6th of April and leave on the 8th of April.
F:Hold the line,I'll check.Now then,single or double?
F:Arrival April 6th;departure April 8th.Yes,we have a single with bath.The rate for it is $ 120 including breakfast.
M:That's fine.Is there a swimming pool?
F:Yes,there is.It's indoors.
M:OK,I'll take it.
F:Could I take your name please?
M:Scheleicher.That's S_C_H_E_L_E_I_C_H_E_R.
F:Thanks,Mr Scheleicher.That's a single room with bath from April 6th to April 8th.
Could you send us a fax to confirm your booking?
M:Of course.Can you give me your fax number?
F:Yes.It's 0116 415 0356.
M:Thank you for your help.
F:Thank you for calling.Have a nice day.
Exercise 3
Liz Duffy arrives at the Radisson Empire Hotel.Listen to the tape and complete his registration Card.
M:Good evening,madam.
F:Good evening.I have a reservation.
M:Could I have your name please?#p#副标题#e#
F:Duffy.Liz Duffy.
M:And your nationality?
M:How many nights are you staying?
F:Four nights.
M:Who do you work for?
A:How would you like to pay?
B:By check,if that's OK.
A:That's fine.Have you got any luggage?
B:Yes.Just one bag.
A:Would you like a morning call,Mrs Duffy?
B:Yes.Seven o'clock,please?
A:OK,your room number is 1215.It's on the 12th floor.
When you come out the lift,turn right,and it is at the end of te corridor on the left.Enjoy your stay.
Conversation 1
You will hear a woman calling about arrangements for a trip to Manila.
M:This is Industrial Supply Customer Services.
I'm afraid there's no one to take your call at the moment.
If you wish to leave a message,please speak after the tone stating clearly the date and time of your call.Thank you.
F:Hello,this is message for Mrs Smythe.
It's Angela speaking from Omega Travel.
The time is half eight on Monday,the eighteenth.
Please tell Mrs Smythe it's about her trip to Manila.
She's still on the waiting list for the journey there,but she's booked on the plane back.
So she needn't worry about that.Umm,the hotel.
There's a four-star one near the airport,but it will take about an hour to get from the hotel to the conference center.
Is that OK?I'll ring back at 10.00.Thanks.Bye.
Conversation 2
Look at the booking form below.You will hear a man telephoning a travel agent.
F:Good morning.Lusu's Travel Agency.How can I help you?
M:Hello,this is Tim Reagon,from Mark & Spencer.
I'm looking for a flight to New York.We have an account with you.
F:Yes,when would you like to travel?
M:At the end of the week,uh,Thursday or Friday.
F:Well,I checked for another customer earlier.
And the Thursday's flight is full,but there is space on the flight at 15:40 this Thursday,that's 15th of November.
M:Thursday?Yes,that's fine.It's a direct flight,isn't it?
F:Yes,it is.
M:And how much is it?
F:Will you be flying economic class,sir?
M:No,I will be flying business.I understand we get a small discount from Lonhong Flight.
F:Yes,that's right.Let's see,Hongkong to New York?Business.Return?
F:Um.That comes out $ 1,168.
M:OK,I'd like to book that,please.
F:Certainly.Let me give you the booking reference.#p#副标题#e#
F:It's JL3-12ZL.
M:R-Right.Got that.Thank you very much.
Conversation 3
Look at the form below.You will hear a man calling his Head Office about arrangements for his visit there.
F:Lucy Norton,Sales Department.Can I help you?
M:Oh hello,is Paul Lee there,please?
F:I'm terribly sorry,he's in a meeting.Likely to leave a message?
M:Well,it's Mr Wilson here,in Barcelona_I'm coming next week to Head Office.
Could you tell Paul my plane's getting in at 13:20,not 14:20 as in my fax?
It's still Heathrow airport though,and still on Thursday.
F:OK,I'll tell him,Mr Wilson.Would you like him to meet you there?
M:Oh that would be lovely.
The other thing I'm phoning about is the schedule of department meetings Paul's arranged for me.
I see there's nothing with Marketing_do you think it's too late to fix up a chat with them?
F:I'm not sure,Mr Wilson,but I'll pass that on to Paul.
M:I'm really most anxious to talk about the suggested price changes.
They are really causing trouble out here!
F:OK,I'll tell Paul to call you,he's got your number?
M:Yes.He has.
Section 1
You will hear five people talking about different documents.
For each piece decide which document the speaker is talking about.
Write one letter A_H next to the number of the piece.
Do not use any letter more than once.You will hear the five pieces twice.
13.(F)Oh,dear,this is out_of_date.It expired over 6 months ago.
And you don't really look anything like this photo anymore.
You'll have to apply for a new one before your next trip abroad and you have to have another photograph taken.
14.(M)Well,I'm very impressed with this.The illustrations are excellent.
Look at these ones for the new models.
I think our customers are going to be very excited when they see this.
And it's all laid with professionally...easy to find the information you want.
15.(F)I've arranged for a car to pick you up at your house in time for you to get 9 o'clock flight.
I couldn't find anything direct,so I'm afraid you'll be changing in Frankfurt for the 2pm connection to Boston,arriving at 5pm local time.
It's all written down here for you,along with flight numbers and so on.
16.(M)Yes,sir,if you could just fill this in for me.
Just the name,address and phone number,and whether you want a full membership or just an associate membership.
or just an associate membership department.I can probably fill in the rest of the details for you and then I'll pass it on to our membership department.
17.(F)We've not been able to get the terms we wanted,but I still think it's a good deal.
They'll be paying 50% in advance and the remaining 15,000 pounds in three equal installments over the first two years.
I'm showing it to our lawyers later today and we should be signing by the end of the week.
Section 2
You will hear five short pieces.For each piece,decide what the speaker is booking.
Write one letter A_H next to the number of the piece.You will hear the five pieces twice.
18.(F)There'll be three of us and we'd like to leave at around seven tomorrow evening.
We'll be returning the following day round about the same time.
The accommodation has already been taken care of.
We're all non_smokers and I'd like a window seat,please.
19.(M)I'll be there on Wednesday 2nd July arriving at about ten_thirty.
I'm bringing the car this time not the van,but if I could be as near to the main entrance as possible that would be great.
I've got a lot of equipment to carry and some of it is quite heavy.
20.(F)Hello,I'd like a ticket for this evening please.#p#副标题#e#
I hope you haven't sold out.
I'd like to sit fairly near the front_not actually on the front row though_about four or five rows back and somewhere in the middle so that I can get a good view.
21.(M)There'll be quite a few of us so we'll need a large table.
Let's say about thirty,though I'll phone nearer the time to confirm that.
Could we have the usual refreshments on the table_bottled water,fruit juice etc.
Tea served mid_morning please.And we'll be breaking for lunch at one.
22.(F)There'll just be the two of us for a couple of weeks_somewhere quiet.
All we really want to do is have a bit of rest,some nice food and do a bit of walking.
Perhaps somewhere where we can play a bit of sport_tennis or something like that.
You will hear a radio interview about the sportswear industry.
Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentences.You will hear the interview twice.
F(for the presenter,woman's voice):The tremendous growth of the sportswear industry has been one of the great success story of recent years.
Sportswear manufactures have made a great deal of money.
Here with me in the studio to talk about this is Charles Muster of ACME Limited who in recent years has become one of the country's leading manufacturers of sportswear.
Charles,I notice you are not wearing sports shoes and sports suits.
M:Well,not at the moment,Sue.But I was earlier this morning.
P:Can we start off by looking at the finance of this great success story?
How much exactly is the sportswear industry worth?
M:At the moment I would say it's worth something like 2,500 million pounds a year.
F:To whom?Where are people going for their sportswear?
M:Well,traditionally,up to the end of 70's,shall we say,
sportswear was produced almost exclusively by sportswear specialists and passed on to the department stores to be sold.
(umhum)In the last five years,there's been an interesting development of the mail order business,
but most sportswear by far is still produced by sportswear companies like our own and then retailed through our own specialist outlets.
F:Approximately what proportion of the expenditure on all clothing in footwear is spent on sportswear,do you know?
M:Well,I'm not absolutely sure of the very latest figures,but it's something in the region of 9 percent,
(ummm)but includes expenditure on children sportswear.
What I think is more interesting or surprising is that recent survey showed that last year 38% of sportswear was purchased by adults not for use as sports clothes,
not I mean to play a sport,but just as casual clothes for their leisure activities.
F:You say adults.But my impression is that it is the young who buy the sort of clothing,
I mean my mother hasn't bought any sports shoes yet,they have been in fashion for years.
I'm not sure she ever will buy any now.
M:Of course,basically it's a youth market.
However,one surprising fact is that 15 to 24 age group is in fact getting smaller and it'll continue to do so for a few more years.
The size for this group has fallen from 9.3 million in the mid_1980's to the 7.5 million now,
and yet the sportswear market has expanded considerably during the same period.
It can't simply be a youth market.
F:What do you see is the reason for the development in sportswear?
M:Uh,well,it's hard if not impossible to give you any single reason.
There are even plenty of reasons why shouldn't have happened such as the rising costs of production and marketing leading to much higher prices.
What is clear is that the changing social conditions have greatly helped.
The market couldn't have grown with present size without the relaxation in coats and dress that is taking place in the late sixties.
We have relaxed some of our rules.
This has allowed sports participants to wear their track suits,sports shoes for many other activities they were not designed for.
At very practical level,clothing and footwear which are so suitable for sports are so easily used for other non_sport activities as well,
for DIY or gardening or just playing with the children.
F:And how do you see the future for sportswear?
M:I expect increasing competition between the manufacturers to produce more attractive and fashionable materials.
I don't expect this to affect the number of manufacturers act in the market place,but it could well bring the prices down.
F:We'll be wearing the same sportswear products then,by a few years now.
M:Almost definitely.This is not a passing fashion.
They will last.People,young and adult are putting an ever increasing emphasis on the importance of feeling and looking fit and healthy.
Most experts believe that sportswear will actually increase its market share over the next few years.
There are two main reasons for this.
Firstly,despite the fall in the 15 to 24 age group,the amount of time available...(fade out