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You will hear a man talking about his leisure time.
Listen and decide if the sentences below are true(T)or false(F).
F:Do you have any free time in the morning before work?
M:Yes,I often wake up early in the morning and I watch last night's programmes.
I have a portable video near my bed,with headphones so I can listen without waking up the others.
Sometimes I go to the swimming pool with my son,Jacob_he's a great swimmer.
F:Do you do any other sports?
M:I play about lunch?Is it time to relax?Or do you work through lunch?
M:Well,I have to see a lot of people,as you can imagine,so lunch is often just a sandwich in my office during a meeting.
But on the way to work there's a small hotel,and I sometimes have breakfast meeting there in the morning.
I enjoy my food,but during the day it's not really relaxation.
F:And in the evening?
M:I try to be home before eight o'clock,when Jacob goes to bed.
Sometimes Nancy and I cook dinner at home for friends.
I enjoy cooking,like a lot of men.Now for me,that's relaxing.
Exercise 2
You will hear another person talking about her leisure time.Listen and fill in the blanks.
M:How do you spend your morning?
F:Well,my day begins with breakfast:coffee and a little bread and butter,and I think about my day.
I don't talk,and I don't read the newspaper.Then I cycle to work.
M:You go to work by bicycle?
F:Yes,it's very relaxing.It takes me about 15 minutes.
I usually arrive at our new office about half past ten.
M:Do you get time to relax during the day?To go out for a meal,for example?
F:Not always.No.When we are very busy we eat in the office.
And when we prepare the new collections,for example,we have dinner at work every night.
A cook comes and prepares the food.
M:Do you go out to the shops to see your competitor's designs?
F:No,I don't.Maybe that's surprising,but I never go into a clothes shop,never.
I follow my own ideas.When I'm at home,I sometimes try clothes on in front of the mirror,and that helps me a lot in my work.
M:And what about your evening?
F:Well,when we are not too busy,I usually leave the office at about 7.I love going out in the evening.
M:Where do you go?
F:To jazz or rock concerts,or to dinner with friends.
I never go to bed before one or two in the morning.
Exercise 3
You will hear a conversation between Jean Fenton and Paul Johnson.
Answer the following questions according to what you hear.
F:Hello,Paul Johnson,isn't it?
M:Jean.What a surprise to see you here!How are you?
F:Not so bad.How's the job going at Manders?
M:We're very busy.We're moving to new offices at the moment,because our branch is expanding.
We're recruiting twenty new people.
F:Well,I'm glad to hear that.You're doing very well then?
M:Yes,we are.How about you?Are you still at Brotherton Plc.?
F:Yes,I am-for the moment.
M:And how are things going?
F:Not very well,I'm afraid.We're losing a lot of orders-too much competition from the big operators.
M:I'm sorry to hear that,Jean.I hope things get better soon.
Anyway,is the family OK?How are Michael and the children?
F:Well,Michael's still working at the bank.
Joe's studying for his exams at university and Hannah's still at school_she's visiting France with her class at the moment.
They're all fine.
M:That's good news.So,why are you here at Manders?
F:They are going to launch a new product.I'm coming for the demonstration.
Conversation 1
Look at the form below.You will hear a woman telephoning a Commercial Property Agent about advertisement in the press.
M:Good morning.Greenways and Co.,Commercial Property Agents.
F:Hello,I'm phoning about your advertisement in yesterday's Independent.
M:Yes,of course.Can I just take down some details?Your name is?
F:Stewart.Mrs Alice Stewart.
M:Thank you.And could you tell me what you do,Mrs Stewart?
F:I'm a shop owner.I'm interested in your advertisement for shop premises.
M:I see.And were you looking for anything in particular?#p#副标题#e#
F:Yes,I'm looking for something in the city centre.
M:And what sort of time period are you hoping to rent for,Mrs Stewart?
F:I don't want anything for less than five years;it needs to be at least a five_year lease.
M:OK.I've got that.Now could you tell me what your top figure is for the rent?
F:Um,I don't really want to pay more than £800 a month?
M:I see.Now I think that we may have a couple of things that you'll be interested in.
Are there any other details?
F:I deally I'm looking for a shop which also has some living accommodation.
I realize this isn't always possible,so you could still send me information about suitable premises without.
M:Fine,I'll see what we have on our files and I'll get something in the post to you today.
If I could just have your current address...(fade out).
Conversation 2
Look at the form below.You will hear a man telephoning an office supplier to place an order.
F:Good afternoon.Caxton Office Supplies.
M:Hello,I'd like to make an order,please.
F:By all name.Can I take your name first?
M:Yes,it's Mr.Deetman.
F:Is that D_I_E_T_M_A_N.
M:No,it's a D double E T.
F:And do you have an account with us,Mr Deetman?
M:Yes,I opened one a few months ago-the number is 876534.
F:534.Fine.And you want?
M:It's not such a large order.We've run out of some things and they're needed rather urgently.
I'd like some paper:60 packs of the standard_they're 6.99 pounds a pack I think.
At least that's what they cost on the last order.They haven't gone up,have they?
F:No,they're still of the same price.And you'd like 60 packs?
M:Yes,I would,and I'd like some computer discs.
I'd like about 30.Could you tell me how much they are?
F:Yes.They come in packs of six and they're 5.95 pounds a pack.
M:OK,I'll have 5 packs of those then,please...
F:Fine.And when was it for?
M:I said it's urgent.We'd like them today if possible?
F:I'll see what we can do.
M:Thank you.Good-bye.
Conversation 3
Look at the form below.You will hear a man telephoning about payment for an order.
F:Accounts Department.
M:This is Mr Neal here from Brookes,the Office Equipment Suppliers.
I'm phoning to ask whether you received your September order for office stationery.
F:Yes,I think we did.Can I just check our records?Is your name spelled N_E_I_double L?
N:No,it's N_E_A_L.
F:Can you tell me the invoice number?#p#副标题#e#
M:Yes,it was 687759.
F:Yes,I have it here.Now,what was it for?
Ah,yes,it was for some envelopes,wasn't it on the 14th of September?
M:And was the order complete because we haven't received any payment yet?
I have written to you but haven't had any replies.
And,well,it really is important that we receive payment within a week.
F:I'm very sorry about this,Mr Neal,but we are running a bit behind at the moment,
we had quite a few outstanding accounts also and it's a bit difficult to settle immediately.
I'll speak to Vicky Fields,our head of department today and I'll phone you back in a couple of days.
M:Thank you,Good-bye.
Section 1
You will hear five people talking about different topics.
For each piece decide what the speaker is doing.
Write one letter(A__H)next to the number of the piece.
Do not use any letter more than once.You will hear the five pieces twice.
13.(F)Tim,on the subject of whether to accept that credit application you received from Express Systems Limited.
I think you need to be very careful about this one.
The thing is,I just have talked to Mark at the bank and he told me a few things about Express Systems.
They had problems with them in the past,their failure to repay a loan.
14.(M)Tom,just to say well done.
I thought you raised your points just the right moment.
Someone needs to ask that question,and I think you put it very well.
15.(F)This is Dr Thompson's secretary at Manders International.
I'm afraid Dr Thompson will not be able to keep his appointment with Mr Hope at 11:30 because he had to fly to France at very short notice.
He asked me to express his apologies.
16.(M)Richard,look.I thought you might be getting worried about whether next Thursday was actually on or not.
Anyway,yes,it is,so the table is reserved at 12:30 at Plaza Hotel where the lunc is the best in town.Well,almost.
17.(F)I was just talking to Tony and he said you had a bit problem with your mobile phone.
I know you got to be out of your office this afternoon.
If there is any help,I wonder if you'd like to borrow mine?
Section 2
You will hear another five short pieces.Decide what each speaker is trying to do.
Write one letter A__H next to the number of the piece.You will hear the five pieces twice.
18.(F)Oh,hi,is that Jame?It's Amy here.
Listen,I'm ringing to say the planning meeting is still going on.
Everyone is talking so much.
I hope it won't upset your plans for later on too much but I won't get back until at least 7 o'clock.
No,can't be helped,I'm afraid.
No,well,no one wants to take a firm decision,that's the main problem.
Anyway I hope I won't be too late(fade out).
19.(F)Hello,is that Philip?It's a curious speaking.I have so much work on here.
I don't think I'll be able to get away in time to meet up today.
I wonder if we could possibly put off our lunch until Wednesday.
OK,that's good of you.Ok,shall we say one o'clock on Wednesday then?
Thank you very much.See you soon.
20.(M)Ladies and gentlemen,before the meeting starts,can I have your attention for a minute?
If you like copies of the report on the proposed future development of the company,they are on the table of the back room.
Please put your name on the list so we know who has the copy.
There should be enough for everyone.
Oh,and could you write your department next to your name.Thank you very much.
21.(F)Hello,Mr Morgon.It's Syvia here.
Sorry to phone you at home but the project meeting finished to late and I missed you.
I want to know if it would be all right to make copies of this month's internal for the meeting of the area managers tomorrow morning.
I know you don't usually like it but sales are so bad at the moment.
I thought the seeing of the sales figures might make the managers trying a bit harder.
Anyway,could you let me know whether I can go ahead?
I'll be here until 8 o'clock.Thanks.
22.(M)Hello,Mrs Wall,I tried to call last night but you'd already gone.
It's about the planning meeting.Do you know where it's being held?
Oh,the time's been changed.Right then,2.30 in your office.
OK,and could you tell me where I can get a copy for planning report?
Right,not ready.I see.Well,then that's help.Thanks for your help anyway.
You will hear a talk given by a representative of the Health and Safety Executive(HSE).
The talk is about health problems for people working with computers and their visual display units(VDUs).
Choose the correct phrase to complete each sentence.
(Man's voice)Good afternoon.I have been invited to talk to you about some of the health hazards which modern office workers face.
At the end of the talk,you'll have the opportunity to ask questions about anything I say.
Today,visual display units or VDUs have all but replaced the typewriter and the standard equipment in almost every office.
But how safe are they?As more and more people begin using them,there's a degree of controversy about the effects on health.
There are some operators who reported experiencing a number of symptoms from relatively minor complaints like headaches and itching skin to more serious back and shoulder problems.
There's no doubt that the increasing number of sedentary uses at VDU work stations who have little reason to move during their work has caused more health problems than any other office work including those tasks carried out by a manual typewriter.
This is mainly due to the quantity of work put through the computer as well as the static nature of the work.
Modern key-boards don't help matters.
Feeling sensitive to the touch,they may look pleasant,but their likeliness only serves to keep arms fairly mobile depending on the fingers and wrist to do the work.
This,along with the fact that hands are not designed for palm flexing contributes to muscular tension:fatigue and strain.
When it comes to eye sight,there is no medical evidence that using a VDU has any long_term effect on eigher eyes or sight,such as causing short_sightedness.
VDU users who complain of headaches or sharp pains behind the eyes are mostly affected by general conditions,such as lighting,ventilation than by the computer itself.
Having said that,some people find that reading from a computer screen is tiring,even when they have taken the precautions to reduce eyes strain.
Operators can take certain steps to help themselves.#p#副标题#e#
These include making sure the screen is sharp and individual letters or characters can be read easily.
Also the light is important.
Operators should use the brightness control to suit the lighting conditions in the room.
They should also ensure that the screen is free from dirt and finger marks.
But often te problems associated with VDUs are caused by badly organized work stations,rather than the computers themselves.
The HSE,that's the Health Safety Executive,make assessments of the places where people work.
In other words,what they consider is an integration of people,machinery,furniture and routines and not just a collection of technical characteristic and features.
Specific requirements of the HSE cover work station design,correct lighting,acoustics,heating and ventilation as well as regular eye tests,screen breaks and relevant training.
One way to prevent health problems of caring is to take extra care when choosing office furniture and equipment,
for example,chairs and seats with backs that can be moved or tilted will suit requirements of different people and will also provide comforts in a variety of positions whether it is typing,reading or talking to visitors.
Frequent changes in posture are essential to relieve strain in the spines and reduce the risk of back pain.
Wrist supports,another good idea,since they can reduce the risk of repetitive strained injury.
They also allow the operator to move from one roll of keys to another and sideways from one key to the next without having to leave his or her hand off the support.
The HSE also recommends that the work desk or surface should be sufficiently large and made of a low reflective material.
The specifical dimensions or sizes are not stated,but arguably they should not be less than 80 centimeters in depth.
In addition to a VDU and keyboard,you should have sufficient space for working papers and accessories,thus allowing ease of movement around the desk.
It is the responsibility of employers who have staff who use computer either frequently,intensively or continuously to assess and reduce the health and safety risks of this type of work.
Employers should assess all work stations and reduce any risks.
They should also ensure that all VDU users receive adequate training and are given changes of activity to break up periods of VDU work.
A final point is that they should,if requested,provide eye tests for VDU operators.
I think it should be clear to you all that making a VDU safer and easier to use involves a number of different factors.
If you are interested and would like further information,a comprehensive booklet is available from the HSE.