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You will hear a man phoning a woman.Listen and decide if the following statements are true(T)or false(F).
M:Good afternoon.My name is Ramon Lytton.I'm the new management trainee.
I wonder if you can help me.I'd like to make an arrangement to see Mr Scott.
F:Let me have a look at his diary.How long will this meeting take?
M:It shouldn't take more than half an hour,I don't think.
F:Well,if it's only half an hour,I could fit you in half past three this afternoon.
How would that suit you?
M:Oh,I've already got a meeting .
Could he manage Monday at half past eleven?
F:Yes,I think so.I'll pencil it in for 11.30,and confirm it with you when I've spoken to Mr Scott.
M:Ok,that's great.Thank you very much.
Exercise 2
The following is Mr Mandleson's diary for the week.
You will hear three people calling to change their appointments.
Listen and change the diary entries accordingly.
F:Lakefield's.Good morning.
M:Good morning.This is Bruno Jones.I've got an appointment with you next Thursday at half past three.
F:Yes,Mr Jones.
M:Well,unfortunately I've now got an important meeting in London that afternoon.
Could I change my appointment to Wednesday morning?
F:Well,I'm afraid the morning's completely full up.
How about Wednesday afternoon,at the same time_ _ _ _at three_thirty,I mean?
Conversation 2
F:Lakefield's.Good morning.
M:Good morning.This is Mr Retter of Global Systems.
I'm sorry to bother you,but it's about my appointment_the one next Friday.#p#副标题#e#
F:Yes,Mr Retter.
M:Could I postpone it until later in the day?I have to collect my car from the garage.
F:We've got a free slot at half past four now.Is that convenient for you?
M:That's perfect.Four_thirty on Friday.Thank you very much.
F:Goodbye,Mr Retter.
Conversation 3
F1:Lakefield's.Good morning.
F2:Good morning.This is Diana Watson of Simons.
I'm afraid I have a problem with my appointment next week_I'm away all week.
F1:OK.Sorry,did you say Mrs Watson or Mrs Whiteson?
F2:Mrs Watson.W_A_T_S_O_N.
F1:Fine,so you're cancelling your appointment on Wednesday at 12 midday.
Then,would you like to make another appointment now?
F2:No.I haven't got my diary here.I'll call next week.
F1:OK,Mrs Waston.Thank you,Goodbye.
Exercise 3
You will hear a man giving instructions to the new management trainee,Anna Street.
Listen and decide what Anna is expected to do.Put a tick besides your choice.
F:Now,Anna!Management trainees are supposed to make themselves familiar with every department of the company.
As you've only been with us a week or so,I think you might find it useful to write a company profile.
Visit all the department heads.Introduce yourself.
Find out everything you can about how the company's organised,how each department operates.
I tell you what.How would you like to write a short report for me,say,by the end of the week?
M:Yes,of course.How long should the report be?
F:Oh,two thousand words should do it.
Would you like to make a start now,and I'll get on with my report on Midland Furniture.
Conversation 1
Look at the form below.You will hear a man checking diary with his assistant.
M:Jullia,I got to arrange a dental arrangement at the end of this week.
Could you run through my diary for Thursday and Friday?
F:Yes,on Thursday,you'll see Sophia Choi at 10.00 to discuss the renewal of contract with Mossop's Sales.
M:Uh,that's about one and half an hour,I suppose.
F:No,you'll combine it with lunch and it look like it's expected to go on until 2.
M:OK,what's the arrangement for the afternoon?
F:At three o'clock,you have a meeting with the Sales Department to discuss their twelve_month plan.
There's nothing following that.
M:Yes,we leave that open_ended.It will probably go on all the afternoon.
So,that's just not looking too good.What about Friday?
F:On Friday morning,you'll see Mr Mbinru from Malawi at 10.
M:I couldn't remember that.I wonder who he is.How do you spell his name?
F:M_B_I_N_R_U.He's from Malawi.
M:Do you know why I see him?
F:Well,I'm not sure,but I think Paul made this entry in your diary.
So it's probably to do with the business objective convention at the weekend.
M:I better keep Friday morning free then.
F:You're free the whole Friday afternoon.Shall I arrange the dental appointment for 2 pm?
M:Ah,I need to write a weekly report on Friday,but I guess I should finish that by four.
So could you make the appointment for,say,twenty minutes past four,then?
F:OK,I'll put it in your diary.
Conversation 2
You will hear a secretary giving information to her boss about her schedule.
Look at the notes below and provide with the information that you are going to listen.
You will listen to the tape twice.
F:Good morning.Sarah Yong speaking.
M:Sarah_it's Peter.Look,I'm not feeling too good this morning.
I've seen the doctor and he suggested I take a couple of days off work.
F:Oh dear!I'm sorry to hear that.
M:Well,these things happen.Now,I haven't got my schedule with me.
I just want to make a note of what I've got on this week.
F:OK,let's see_ _ _ _It's Monday,so there's the usual project meeting at 9:30.
M:Ah,yes,I haven't got that much to talk about,actually.#p#副标题#e#
Maybe you could let the others know I won't be coming in.
F:Right_ _And that's all you've got down for today.
Tuesday_ _you will see Able Consultants at 10.00.
M:Able Consultants?Oh,dear,yes____I remember.
Now,what can I do about that?That's more difficult.
Maybe you could phone them and postpone the meeting until next week.
F:OK_ _I can do that.
M:Now,I should be back by the seventh.
If I remember rightly,there's something in the afternoon.I'm interviewing someone,aren't I?,I don't think so.It says drill.That's at 3:00 in the afternoon.
M:Oh,I'm obviously mistaken_ _is the interview on Thursday,then?
F:The eighth?I don't think so.It looks as if you're at a marketing conference all day.
M:Oh,yes,that's right.Well,I'm sure I'll be better by then anyway.
F:Yes_ _ well,I hope so.
Conversation 3
Look at the form below.You will hear a man leaving a message for a colleague.
F:Good morning,Human Resources Department.
M:Hello,I don't suppose Patty is there,is she?
F:No,I'm afraid she is in a a meeting.
M:Yes,I thought she might be.She is always in a meeting.Um,I wonder if I could leave a message for her.
M:This is David Bulson,that's B_U_L_S_O_N.
F:Oh,yes.And what's the message?
M:Well,I arranged to have a game of golf with her on Saturday,but I'm afraid I won't be able to make it.
F:Oh,should be disappointed.She's been looking forward to playing with you.
M:Is she?Oh,dear.Well,I'm afraid I'll have to leave for Tokyo on Friday.
F:Oh,that sounds exciting.Is it a holiday?
M:No,I'm afraid not.I have been asked to go to a conference.
Can you tell Patty I'll call her when I get back?
Section 1
You will hear five short recordings.
For each recording,decide which type of business each peaker is talking about.
Write one letter(A_H)next to the number of the recording.
Do not use any letter more than once.
13.(M)First of all we look at the target market,then we'd like to collect some information about the products before deciding one the best approach for the promotion.
Our marketing and design teams are very experienced and they'll be happy to discuss their ideas with you.
We'd also give you any estimates free of charge before you decide which media to go for.
14.(F)We need to get some details done first.
You need to fill in a standard application form and then we can register you.
Most companies will want computer experience,so you'd better put down the equipment and software you're familiar with.
If you have any languages to offer,that would be a great help,
and then we'll match you with some of the companies registered with us and you should get a phone call by the end of the week.
15.(M)Would you like me to send you a brochure?
It gives some information on our service.
We can advise you on how to use your premises to their maximum potential.
You'll also be able to look at our range of furniture,desks,computer worker stations and furniture for reception areas and you can choose from the many layouts available.
16.(F)We're experienced with various document types but specialize in commercial and technical.
We work in all major European languages and we'll consider most deadlines.
In the case of longer documents,we can always get more than one person working on it if necessary.
Everything is treated with confidential and we have our own courier service to guarantee safe delivery.
17.(M)Would you like me to make an appointment for one of our staff to visit you?
He'll be able to advise you on the best type of equipment and software packages to suit your particular business.
He can also talk to you about installation and he'll take note of any restrictions in the office space and as part of our promotional campaign,the installation service is free of charge.
Section 2
You will hear another five short recordings.
Each speaker is talking about the effects of a new development in the workplace.
For each recording decide what the speaker is talking about.
Write one letter(A_H)next to the number of the recording.
Do not use any letter more than once.
18.(F)I think things are going to be different from now on.
I'm not sure that they'll be any better but at least we should know what's going on.
Uh,look at the schedule he's given us for next month:two meetings a week at least,the daily up_date on department activity on the network.
I like Mr Renalds,but you must admit he wasn't very good at office communications.
19.(M)It would have made a great difference to next year's budget.
We would be able to afford a significant increase in the wage bill,even create some new positions,but now things aren't looking so good.
It's hard to believe they decided to cancel.
They were so keen on our products initially.
20.(F)I'm looking forward to it.
I know we see each other every day and they'll be the same old faces but I think it's a good opportunity to get to know each other better.
I understand they decide old faces but I think it's a good opportunity to get to know each other better.
I understand they decide to do something different every two or three months which I think is excellent.
It's surprising that nobody thought of this before,you know.
21.(F)It's made a big difference already.
Before I used to spend ages looking things up in menus.
Now it's all there right in front of me.
I can get things done in half the time now.
That leaves us plenty of time to do all the other administrative work we never used to have time for.
In fact,I don't know why I objected so strongly to having it in the first place.
22.(M)The big news this year without doubt has been the reallocation of resources with the company.
Some departments now have much less to spend and it has lost a considerable number of staff but others are expanding at great speed and are recruiting new people almost every week.
As you can imagine it's caused a lot of unhappiness in some departments.
You will hear someone giving instructions about moving offices.#p#副标题#e#
Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentences below.
(Woman):Right,thank you all for coming.
I just want to run over some final details of the office move which is scheduled for the end of this work.
Most of the work will be done over the weekend by Trudi Brook,Frank Lee and there are assistants in the Maintaince Department.
George Harvey will be handling the equipment,that's computers,printers,the network cabling and also be doing the phones.
You've probobly all noticed the containers in the corridors_ _all items that are work_related:
files,books,general office equipment should be put into the large blue plastic containers.
Label the containers that you use with your name and the desk number that you are going to if you know what it is.
As a guide,it has been estimated that each person should use no more than two containers.
If you find that you need three or more,perhaps this will be a good opportunity to throw a few things out.
The next week or so,it's going to be chaos,I'm afraid and it will be very difficult to get any serious work done.
I would ask you all to try and complete all jobs with priority one and two well before then.
In fact,by midday on Thursday the latest,because on Friday you'll be hard at work packing and clearing your desks.
Now,as you know we'll be moving to the ground floor,the plan has been lying around for a couple of weeks now you should all have seen it.
Most of the problems have been sorted out.
The drinks machine will still be on the other side of the building,I'm afriaid.
But the partitions in the office area have been removed.
And I don't think it will be as dark as we feared,much better than we thought it was going to be.
As you know,the main concern at the moment unfortunately is the laser printers.
We still have to work out the best place for them.
I reckon they'd be the best right in the middle of the room,but George insisted it would be easier to put them all against the wall.
From now though,we'll have to leave them where they are.
The phones are also going to a bit of problem.
For the first few days,all the phone numbers will be different.
The telecom engineers will be working flat out to change them all to your old numbers as soon as possible.
They promise that by Thursday next week you will all have your usual numbers back.
The Wednesday morning meeting of the project leaders must carry on as usual except that the first meeting after the move will be in the afternoon instead of in the morning.
The reason for the move,as you all know,is that marketing has taken on several more staff in the last twelve months,where as we've been forced to cut back a little.
They need the space and so our new home on the ground floor will feel a litter crowded.
It's only a temporary move of course.
And in the months'time,I'm sure we'll find larger premises.
Well,that's about it.Good luck.And let's hope things go smoothly.