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You will hear four speakers.Listen and identify each one with the jobs on the right column.
M1:Mr Clark,first let me introduce our MD,Mr Brown.Mr Brown,this is Mr Clark from Brown Industries of Pusan,California.
M2:How do you do,Mr Clark.It's nice to meet you.
M3:How do you do,Mr Brown.It's nice to meet you,too.
M2:Did you have a good journey?
M3:Yes,thank you.
M1:And this is Mr.Stern.He's our financial manager.Mr Stern is responsible for finance and accounting.
M4:How do you do,Mr Clark.
M2:How do you do,Mr.Stern.
M4:Please take a seat.
M3:Thank you.
M4:How was your trip here?I understand you arrived....
You will hear three speakers talking about their jobs.Listen and fill in information with what you hear.You will hear the tape twice.
Speaker1(M):I joined the financial division of Brown Industries in 1985,and was sent to the Chicago office to work.
In 1990 I was transferred to New York,where I worked for five years.
I really enjoyed living in New York.
In 1995 I was transferred again to this office,here in Boston.
I enjoy my job,and it's a very beautiful city here,but people are not as friendly as in New York.
Speaker2(F):I was born in Britain,in London,but I went to university in Bristol.
After graduating I joined a medium_sized company in Bristol as a researcher in 1990.
In 1993 I was promoted to Assistant Manager of the section.
After two more years I was promoted again to Manager.
I stayed in Bristol until 1996.
In 1996 I was transferred to our new office in Tokyo,Japan.
I enjoy the challenge of working here,but I'm having trouble learning the language.
You will hear a man talking about how his company is organized.
Listen and decide if the following statements are true(T)or false(F).
I'd like to tell you something about how IBC is organised.#p#副标题#e#
As you know,we are now a subsidiary of Brown Industries,which is a 78% shareholder in our company.
That,of course,is why you are here today,and we are very pleased to meet you all.
IBC employs a total of 24,000 people.
Following our reorganization,the group now consists of 29 autonomous companies,each with its own Managing Director.
IBC Group is divided into three operating divisions.
The first is Industry Systems.
This is the division which produces business solutions_soft_ware_for IBC's customers.
The second is Technology,which manufactures computers and components.
The third division is IBC Services,which sells computer services,like maintenance and training.
IBC was one of the first computer companies in the world to start producing different software products for specific markets.
We now operate in six different target markets:firstly retail;that's shops,supermarkets and so on;
then financial services;local and central government;healthcare;manufacturing;and finally,travel and transport.
Does anybody have any questions at this point?
Look at the form below.You will hear a man changing the arrangements for a meeting.
F:Purchasing Department.Dorothy speaking.How can I help you?
M:Hello,could I speak to Brian Knight,please?
F:I'm afraid he's in a meeting at the moment.
M:Could I leave a message then?
M:This is Weimin Tan.
F:Ah_yes,of Biopaints International?You're coming to see him tomorrow,I believe?
M:Yes.Well,that's why I'm calling actually.
Unfortunately,I won't be able to make it and rather than re_schedule the meeting,
I thought it best to send someone else along,Mark Timsen in fact.
F:OK,I'll just make a note of that.Could you spell his surname for me?
M:Sure,it's T_I_M_S_E_N.
He's been with us for a couple of years now and he is very experienced.
Actually he's just been made manager of Products Support Section.
F:Is he familiar with our business?
M:Oh,yes,he's been working on your file for a few weeks now.
He'll be able to discuss the contract with you tomorrow.
If everyone is happy,perhaps we can go ahead and sign.
F:Ok,I'll pass the message on to Brian.
We're looking forward to seeing Mr Timsen tomorrow.
Look at the form below.You will hear a woman telephoning a bank to transfer some money.
M:Good morning.Customer Banking Services.This is Tarry speaking.How can I help you?
F:Hello.This is Ms Spencer.I'd like to transfer some money from my deposit account to my current account.
M:Certainly,Ms Spencer.I'll just take some details.Can I have your initials,please?
M:Is that B for bender?#p#副标题#e#
F:No,V for Victoria.
M:Right.And what is your current account number?
F:It's .
M:OK.Now I'll just go through the security procedures.What is your date of birth?
F:17,May 1979.
M:And can I have your password?
F:Well,I'm not sure.It's been a while since I use this service.
I can't remember what my password is.
I think it's either Mark,M_A_R_K,that's my husband's name or Paris,P_A_R_I_S,that's where we went on our honeymoon.
M:Yes,it's where you went on your honeymoon.Right,uh,how much do you wish to transfer?
F:I'd like to transfer three and half thousand dollars.
M:OK,Ms Spencer.It will be transferred today from your deposit account to your current account.
F:Thank you.
Look at the form below.You will hear a woman arranging a meeting.
M:Good morning.Computer Graphics Limited.
F:Hello,could I speak to Mr Kelvin,please?
M:I'm afraid he's out at the moment.Can I take a message?
F:Oh,it's Mrs Knight here.
M:Is that K_N?
F:Yes,that's right.I'm phoning from Holland & Rover.
I'm Mr Kelvin's solicitor.Could you give him a message?
I'd like to see him to go over the contract for the Riverside site.
I've just finished it and we need to look at it together.
It should only take half an hour and then he will able to sign it.
M:Is there anything else?
F:Yes,can you remind him that he'll need another signature?
Everything has to be completed and finalized by the end of the week,so I need to see him soon.
M:I presume he has your number.
F:Yes,but let me give it to you anyway,it's .
M:Thank you,Mrs Knight,I'll make sure he gets the message.
In this part,you will hear five short pieces.
For each piece,decide who is talking from the list in the box.
Write one letter A_H next to the number of the piece.You will hear the five pieces twice.
13.(F)If you could just wait for a few minutes,I'll tell Mr.Jones you're here.
Would you mind filling in some details in our visitor's book?
You could write down the time and date of appointment and also the registration number of your car.
When you are ready to leave,would you sign out but putting your initials in the final column?
14(M)Part of my job is to ensure that passengers are aware of and comply with the safety regulations.
I'd say that most important aspect of my work is to make everyone feel we are providing a good service.
This involves serving food and drinks and checking that everyone is comfortable.
15.(F)Perhaps you'd like to have a look at the catalogue of our new range.
It was a huge success of our recent exhibition in London.
Of course,you can't find cheaper computers on the market.
But we feel that our prices are very competitive given the innovative design and technology involved.
16.(M)I usually begin by checking the vehicle over to find out what the problem is.
Sometimes this means stripping the engine down.
We keep most spare parts in stock,but sometimes there is a delay and we have to get something delivered.
17.(M)Good morning.Here are the computer deyboards that you ordered.
Let's see,according to the invoice,there should be 18.
Could you check the number of boxes when I'm unloading them from the van and then sign for them at the bottom of the sheet?
You will hear five people talking about their jobs.
For each person,choose which type of job they do from the list in the box.
Write one letter A_H next to the number of the person.You will hear the five speakers twice.
18.(F)We offer an overnight door_to_door service nationaly and we can normally promise delivery to most destinations worldwide within 24 hours.
That's seven days a week of course.
19(M)I prefer working on stock control to the check_out.
You move around or talk to managers in four seasons.
There's more variety.If you're on the check out,you just sit there for a whole shift doing the same thing,taking money,handing out changes...
20(F)There's special discount on Monday evenings when it's the first performance of the new show.
You can get two tickets for the price of one.
Then there are the usual concessions for pensioners of course with a further ten percent off matinee tickets.
21.(M)Money transactions are going to be completely electronic.
Paper work is out,the VDU screen is in.#p#副标题#e#
Cheques are being used less and less,replaced by the cash card.
And 75% of with_drawals are now made from High Street cash machine.
I feel we really do offer a much better service these days.
22.(F)Actually I quite enjoy checking and double checking the flight details,hotel bookings,traveller's cheques and so on.
I enjoy the feeling that everything has been thought of,just as if I was going myself.
You will hear a job applicant talking to the Personnel Manager of a chain of stores.
Choose the correct phrase to complete each sentence.
F:Er,good afternoon,Mr Cast.Thank you for coming_do take a seat.
M:Oh,thank you.
F:Right...I've looked through your letter of application and your curriculum
I see you're nearly28...Well,I think I better tell you generally about the job we have on offer here.
It's an important position.It's an Assistant Managership reporting directly to the Store Manageer.
It covers several of the aspects of our business...supervising the purchasing of goods and deliveries,pricing,special offers and so on...Anyway,...
I see you have some experience with one of our main rivals_can you tell me something about that?
M:Yes,well...After I left school,I joined Tesco stores as a trainee,er,I was 18 then.
M:Er...after the initial six months'trial period,they sent me to their retail training centre for a month...then I went back to the branch in Sima.
I then went to night school for two years to get a Diploma in Commerce...and I did a short computer studies course at the University last summer as well.
Anyway,I worked in the Sima branch for another couple of years.
I really enjoyed it there.
But then Tesco moved me to the city centre branch and it wasn't quite so good,I'm afraid.
F:Why was that?
M:Well...I'm afraid the General Manager and I had different opinions...there was a terrific downturn in retail sales six years ago...shoppers weren't spending much.
Anyway,I thought we ought to advertise the goods in our store more widely,to draw in more customers.
I had a few ideas but we couldn't agree on a policy.
It was a shame.
I had hoped to move up to Deputy Assistant there,but the job was given to someone else,so I thought it was time to move on.
F:I see.Well,could you tell me what you do in your current Town and Country Stores,isn't it?
M:Yes...I've been there for nearly two years now.
I help with store displays and promotions,and I have also been in complete charge from time to when the proprietor is away at trade fairs and so on.
But my main job is to do with the shop assistants_there are nearly 40,mostly part_timers.
I used to supervise the cleaners and also the typists at one time too,but it became too much.
F:So why are you looking for another job,Mr Cast?
M:Well,I expect you know it's family firm and there's really no chance of getting ahead...the proprietor's son will take over when Mr Richards retires in two year.
So I'd like to get back into a big chain,with a number of stores,
where there are more opportunities for training and promotion,thought I must say the working conditions at Town and Country are pretty good.
F:Right,well,thank you,Mr Cast.
I expect you realise that our company moves its staff to different branches just like Tesco.
Now how would you feel about that?
M:Sure,that's all right for me.I was going to ask you something about that,if I may?
F:Yes,of course...
M:Well,I understand from the press that you have recently opened stores in three American cities_is there any possibility of...uh...being moved into one of those,after a time?
F:Well,not really.All shop staff are recruited locally in America though the stores are being managed at present directly from our Head Office in Britain.
The plan is for total independence,with locally recruited managers,within five years.
M:I see...and another question is to do with this position here again.
Does it involve much contact with customers?
I really enjoy getting to know what is selling well,how to give the best service and so on...
F:Yes,well,not a great deal really.That's generally dealt with by Customers Services.
As I said,it's mostly dealing with our producers,checking that orders are delivered on time,checking product quality,that sort of thing.
The General Manager is the one who tries to understand the sales figures.
F:Anyway...if you were offered the job,Mr Cast,when would you be able to start?
M:Well,I am on four weeks'notice at Town and Country...but the proprietor is away for two weeks,
so I wouldn't be able to see him until the beginning of next it would take about six week,probably.
F:Right,I see.Well,I think we should discuss now the terms and conditions we could offer you here.
As you know,we have different salary scales based on...(fade).