来源 2019-01-14

1.总的来说,海运比铁路运输更便宜,但速度慢一些。  Generally speaking, its cheaper but slower to ship goods by sea than by rail.
2.空运较快但运费较高。  Its faster but more expensive to ship goods by air.
3.由于我方急需这批货物,我方坚持使用快递装运。  Since we need the goods urgently, we must insist on express shipment.
4.由于商品的性质,我方只能使用公路运输。  Because of the type of purchase, we can only ship by road.
5.如果顾客坚持用卡车以外的运输工具,就必须负担额外费用。  If the customer requests a carrier other than truck, he must bear the additional charge.
6.货物将在香港转船。  The goods will be transhipped in Hong Kong.
7.货物装船时可能会有一些数量出入,但不会超过5%.  There may be some quantity difference when loading the goods, but not more than 5%.
8.为了便于我方备货装船,希望允许分批发运。  To make it easier for us to get the goods ready for shipment, we hope that partial shipment is allowed.
9.由于港口工人罢工,交货只好推迟。  Delivery has to be put off due to the strike of the workers at the port.
10.恕延期货船,因为我们厂家遇到了预料不到的困难。  We are sorry to delay the shipment because our manufacturer has met unexpected difficulties.