来源 2019-03-10

1.应采取措施加固纸箱。  Measures should be taken to reinforce the cartons.
2.我们非常欢迎大家对包装方面提出建议。  Suggestions on packing are greatly appreciated.
3.许多国外客户已经认可了我们标准化的包装。  Our standardized packing has been approved by many foreign clients.
4.必须马上改进包装。  Its urgent to improve the packing.
5.包装费用未算在报价中。  Packing charges are excluded in the quoted prices.
6.为使损失减少到最低限度,我们对货物的包装足以承受长途海运。  To minimize any possible damage, weve packed our goods in the way to suit for long sea-voyage.
7.请报价并说明包装情况。  Please make an offer indicating the packing.
8.请保证货物不受潮。  Please make sure that the goods be protected from moisture.
9.我们希望你们的设计和颜色对美国人具有巨大吸引力。  We hope your design and the color will be strongly attractive to the American people.
10.这种箱子不适合装茶具海运。  This kind of box is not suitable for the transport of the tea sets by sea.