来源 2019-04-03

1.一般来说,买方应承担包装费用。  Buyers, generally speaking, bear the change of packing.
2.包装占货物总成本的百分比是多少?  How much does packing take up of the total cost of the goods?
3.包装必须很坚固,能承受野蛮装卸。  The packing must be strong enough to withstand rough handing.
4.坚固的包装可以防止货物在运输途中受到任何损失。  Strong packing will protect the goods from any possible damage during transit.
5.纸箱适合海运。  Cartons are seaworthy.
6.人们购买这种商品通常用来赠亲友,所以精美高雅的设计至关重要。  This kind of article is often bought as a gift, so exquisite and tasteful design is of prime importance.
7.我们很想听听你们在包装方面有什么意见。  Wed like to hear what you say concerning the matter of packing.
8.有关包装运输唛头的条款你们有什么异议吗?  Do you have nay objection to the stipulations about the packing and shipping marks?
9.我们将按你方的要求进行包装。  Well pack the goods according to your instruction.
10.货物将用细刨花包装,以防损坏。  The goods will be packed in wood wool to prevent damage.