来源 2019-01-13

1.如果卖方不能在信用证有效期内交货的话,买方有权单方面取消合同。  The buyer has the right to cancel the contract unilaterally if the seller fails to ship the goods within the L/C validity.
2.如果没有什么正当理由,你们不应撕毁合同。  You cannot break the contract without any good reason.
3.我们完全有理由取消合同,因为你们没有完成应遵守的合同内容,履行合同。  We have every reason to cancel the contract because youve failed to fulfil your part of it.
4.如果一方不履行合同,另一方有权取消合同。  One party is entitled to cancel the contract if the other side cannot execute it.
5.一般来讲,合同一经双方签订就不得更改。  Generally speaking, a contract cannot be changed after it has been signed by both parties.
6.由于这种难以预料的情况,合同中的有关条款不得不做些修改。  Some relative clauses in the contract have to be amended owing to the unexpected situation.
7.这个合同将到期,我们来谈谈新合同的事宜吧。  Since the contract is about to expire, shall we discuss a new one?
8.包装直接关系到产品的销售。  Packing has a close bearing on sales.

9.包装有助于推销产品。  Packing will help push the sales.
10.买方通常很注意包装。  Buyers always pay great attention to packing.