来源 2019-01-26

1.你尽管放心,我们将按合同规定如期装船。  You can stay assured that shipment will be effected according to the contract stipulation.
2.他们已承诺那300辆自行车的质量和数量一定与合同规定相吻合。  Theyve promised to keep both we quality and the quantity of the 300 bicycles in conformity with the contract stipulations.
3.我们确信合同会顺利执行的。  We are sure the contract can be carried out smoothly.
4.机器将用最好的材料生产,合同的规定也将得以严格履行。  The machines will be made of the best materials and the stipulations of the contract be strictly observed.
5.合同双方有义务履行合同。  The two parties involved in a contract have the obligation to execute the contract.
6.除非有什么突然的政局变化,否则执行部分合同不能被接受。  Unless there is a sudden change of political situation, it is not accepted to execute the contract only partially.
7.任何违背合同之事都是不利的。  Any deviation from the contract will be unfavorable.
8.买主有权撤消合同。  The buyer has the option of cancelling the contract.
9.任何背弃合同的行为将受到惩罚,这已在处罚条款里写得很清楚了。  Any kind of backing out of the contract will be charged a penalty as has been stated in the penalty clause.
10.由于贵方交货拖延,我方要求取消合同。  We want to cancel the contract because of your delay in delivery.