来源 2019-02-08

1.您的还价是多少?  Whats your counter-offer?
2.不可能,您可能注意到了近年来原材料的价格上涨了。  Its impossible. You may notice that the cost of raw materials has gone up in recent years.
3.和国际市场价格相比,我方报价相比较合理。  Compared with the price in the international market, our quotation is quite reasonable.
4.恐怕我方报价比您从我方竞争对手那儿得到的报价更优惠。  The price we offered is more favorable than the quotations you can get from our competitors, I'm afraid.
5.如果您把质量考虑进去的话,您会发现我方价格是合理的。  If you take quality into consideration, you will find our price reasonable.
6.我们保证提供能经得起激烈竞争的高质量产品。  We guarantee quality products which can stand fierce competition.
7.就合同方面我还有些问题要问。  I still have some questions concerning our contract.
8.我们总是愿意合作的,如果需要还可以做些让步。  We are always willing to cooperate with you and if necessary make some concessions.
9.对这些条款有何意见,请尽管提,不必客气。  If you have any comment about these clauses, do not hesitate to make.
10.你认为合同有问题吗?  Do you think there is something wrong with the contract?