来源 2019-02-25

1.5月31日或此前收到的订单,我们都按价目单上的价格给10%的折扣。  From all listed prices we allow a discount of 10 percent on orders received on or before 31st May.
2.我们可以给你方报毛价,每一百件38.5英镑含运费。这些货物免收增值税。  We can quote you a gross price, inclusive of delivery charges, of 38.50 pounds per 100 items. These goods are exempt form VAT.
3.我们给您报价每件8英镑,有效期20天,过期价格增加5%.  We can offer you a price of 8 pounds per item, from 20 days, after which the price will be subject to an increase of 5%.
4.这个型号的录音机,按今天汇率,每台2500比利时法郎。  The price of this model of cassette-player is 2500 Belgian francs at todays rate of exchange.
5.我认为贵方价格偏高。  I think your price is on the high side.
6.你方价格比去年高出20%.  Your price is 20% higher than that of last year.
7.如果我们按这个价格购买,将很能难推销。  It must be rather difficult for us to push any sales if we buy it at this price.
8.这种商品的竞争非常激烈。  Competition for this kind of goods is tough.
9.按这个价格,我们不能说服用户购买你们的产品。  We cant persuade the end-users to buy your products at this price.
10.我认为要做成这笔交易,您至少要降价4%.  To conclude the business, you need to cut your price at least by 4%,I believe.