来源 2019-04-04

1.此报盘为实盘,但以我方在12月15日前收到你方答复为准。  This offer is firm subject to your acceptance reaching us not later than December 15.
2.此盘有效期至2月10日,超过此期限条件及价格需重新协商。  This offer remains open until 10th February, beyond which date the terms and prices should be negotiated anew.
3.此价格可以不经通知自行调整。  This price is subject to change without notice.
4.本报盘以货物未售出为条件。  The offer isnt subject to prior sale.
5.现电传给贵方我方爱华牌随身听的新价格。新价格明天生效。  We are cabling you our new price for our "AIWA" Brand Walkman. The new price will be effective tomorrow.
6.如果5天之内我方未必到贵方答复,该盘撤消。  This offer must be withdrawn if we havent received your reply within five days.
7.按你方要求,我方报价有效期延长5日,从4月24日起。  As requested, we now hold this offer open for a further 5 days since 24th April.
8.因这是特殊报价,希望您不要错失良机。  As this is a special offer, we hope you wont miss this opportunity.
9.请注意我方所报的都是CIF 价,这是我方一贯作法,希望你方能接受。  Please note that all our prices are quoted on CIF basis. This is our general practice, which we believe will be accepted by you.
10.此报盘没有约束力,所有定单以我方书面接受为准。  The offer is made without engagement. All orders will be subject to our written acceptance.