来源 2019-04-09

1.希望我们能就此价格达成交易。  I hope we can conclude the transaction at this price.

2.很抱歉目前我们不能报盘。  I am sorry that we are unable to make you an offer for the time being.
3.谢谢贵方询价,但我们不能马上发盘,因为目前我们得不到合适的原料。  Thank you for your inquiry, but we cannot make you an offer right now because we are presently unable to obtain appropriate materials.
4.因为汤姆?李是我方产品在韩国的独家代理人,所以我们不能直接向您发盘。  Since Tom Lee is our sole agent for our products in Korea, we cant make you a direct offer.
5.上周我们报价的货物现已售完,所以,此报价在7月20日终止。  The goods we offered last week are running out, therefore, the offer terminates on 20th July.
6.我方已不再生产纯棉衬衫因为其零售价格只能吸引高档消费者。  We no longer manufacture pure cotton shirts as their retail prices tend only to attract that upper end of the market.
7.关于贵方9月29日的询价信,我方就如下产品报价,以我方最后确认为准。  Referring to your inquiry letter dated 29th September, we are offering you the following subject to our final confirmation.
8.应你方要求,我方就如下产品报价,此报价3日内有效。  At your request, we are offering you the following items. This offer will remain open within 3 days.
9.根据你方要求,我方很高兴就如下商品向你方特殊报价,希望不久能收到你方的试订单。  Against your enquiry, we are pleased to make you a special offer as follows and hope to receive your trial order in the near future.
10.这是我方对每项产品的CIF上海的正式报价。  This is our official offer for each item, CIF Shanghai.