来源 2019-03-25

1.我们可提供现货并按你方所定日期交货。  We can supply from stock and will have no trouble in meeting your delivery date.
2.很高兴告诉您你方要求的运输设备我方可以发货。  I am pleased to say that we will be able to deliver the transport facilities you require.
3.我们可提供送货上门服务。  We can offer door-to-door delivery services.
4.我们可以向您保证我方产品是当今市场上最好的,并且可提供5年保修期。  We can assure you that our products are the most outstanding ones on the market today, and we offer a five-year guarantee.
5.随函附上我方最新的产品目录及CIF纽约报价单。  Please find enclosed our current catalogue and price-list quoting CIF New York.
6.贵方所要样品另行邮寄。  The samples you asked for will follow by separate post.
7.我方此类商品的存货有限,请尽快订货。  Our stock of this commodity is limited, please place your order without delay.
8.这儿有一份价目单和介绍说明我方产品的小册子。  Here is a price list together with a booklet illustrating our products.
9.现在我们的服装都是涤棉料的,质地坚韧,不用熨烫并且花样繁多。  All our garments are now poly-cotton, which is stronger, needs little ironing, and allows variations in patterns.
10.希望尽快收到贵方答复,我们保证及时处理对方定单。  We hope to hear from you soon and can assure you that your order will be dealt with promptly