来源 2019-03-14

1.请报FOB价,注明邮寄包裹途经青岛至大连的邮资。  Please quote us your price on FOB basis, indicating the postage for dispatch by parcel post to Dalian via Tianjin.
2.能否告知定货超过400台你方所能给的折扣。  Could you please let us know what discount you can give for an order exceeding 400 sets?
3.由于我方将定期大批量订购,希望贵方作出一些特殊的让步。  Since we are likely to place sizable orders regularly we hope that you will make some special concessions.
4.我们是通过取得佣金来进行商业活动的。从你方价格中收取佣金,便于我方推销。即便只有2%或3%也行。  We do business on a commission basis. A commission on your prices would make it easier for us to promote sales. Even 2 or 3 percent would help.

5.得知你方报的都是到岸价,希望能给我们报船上交货价。  I understand all your prices are on CIF basis. Wed rather have you quote us FOB prices.
6.请告知你方大概要订多少?  Would you please give us a rough idea of the quantity you require?
7.我们经营微波炉出口业务,现冒昧给你方寄去我方报价单供参考。  We handle export of microwave ovens and would take the liberty to send you our price list for your reference.
8.我们很高兴收到你方8月6日来函得知你方对我们的玩具非常感兴趣。  We were pleased to hear from your letter of 6 August that you were impressed with our selection of toys.
9.我们有各种各样适合各个年龄层次的羊毛衫,特别是您专门提到的青少年市场。  We have a wide selection of sweaters that will appeal to all ages, and in particular the teenager market which you specified.
10.我们工厂完全可以生产出你方询价单中要求的2000件货品。  Our factory would have no problem in turning out the 2000 units you asked for in your inquiry.