来源 2019-01-25

1.希望这将是我们互利商业往来的良好开端。我们保证将对贵方的报价予以认真的考虑。  We hope this will be a good start for profitable business relations and assure you that your offer will receive our careful consideration.

2.我们通常给予20%的商业折扣,外加订货1000件以上的数量折扣。  We usually deal on a 20% trade discount basis with an additional quantity discount for orders over 1000 units.

3.我们还想指出我们主要以承兑交单方式结帐。  We would also like to point out that we mainly settle our accounts on a document-against-acceptance basis.
4.若能告知你方是否给现金折扣或商业折扣,将不胜感激。  We would appreciate it if you let us know whether you allow cash or trade discounts.
5.我方将定期大量订购,因此想知道你方给多少数量折扣。  We intend to place large regular orders, and would therefore like to know what quantity discounts you allow.
6.贵方若能报优惠价并保证在收到定单后4周内交货,我方将定期订购。  Provided you can offer favorable quotations and guarantee delivery within four weeks from receipt of order, we will place regular orders with you.
7.我们想指出圣诞节前交货很重要并希望贵方能就此向我们作出保证。  We would like to point out that delivery before Christmas is essential and hope you can offer us that guarantee.
8.即期交货很重要,因为这种货流转很快。所以我们需要你方保证及时交货。  Prompt delivery would be necessary as we have a fast turnover in this trade. We would therefore need your assurance that you could meet all delivery dates.
9.欣悉你方是中国瓷器出口商。能否给我方供应300套餐具,五月底前交货。  We are delighted to know that you deal with export of Chinese chinaware. Could you supply us 300 sets of tableware for shipment before the end of May?
10.我们欲购中国茶。请用电传给我们报最好价,并说明产地、包装、可供数量及最早发货日期。  We want to purchase Chinese tea. Please send us your best offer by fax indicating origin packing, quantity available and the earliest time of shipment.