来源 2019-02-07

1.感谢贵方询价。请告诉我们贵方所需数量以便我方报价。  Thank you for your inquiry. Please tell us the quantity you require so that we can work out the offers.
2.我认为价格不成问题。最重要的是你方能供货多少。  I dont think price is a problem. The most important thing is that how many you can supply.
3.您最好给我们一个粗略的价格。  Youd better give us a rough idea of your price.
4.我们对你方的产品非常满意,正欲订购。我们定单的大小主要取决于你方的价格。  We are delighted with your products and are thinking of placing an order. The size of our order will depend greatly on your price.
5.如果你方价格比其他竞争对手的优惠,我们将向你们订货。  If your prices are more favorable than those of your competitors we shall send you our order.
6.能否告知这些电热器的价格,以便我们作出决定。  Would you please tell us the price of these electric heaters so as to help us make the decision.
7.请告知可供现货的数量。  Please inform us the quantity that can be supplied from stock.
8.我们急于知道贵方多长时间能交货。  We are anxious to know how long it will take you to deliver the goods.
9.相信由于我方大量订购贵方能报最优惠价格。  We trust that you will quote us your most favorable price for big quantities.
10.相信贵方能满足我们的要求。  We trust you can meet our requirements