来源 2019-04-08

1.目前我们的一些客户对你们的纯毛地毯颇有兴趣,并询问其质量和价格。 Some of our customers have recently expressed interest in your woolen carpets and inquired about their quality and prices.
2.我们正打算订购你方的飞鸽牌自行车。如果你们能给我们(购买)200台的详细报盘将不胜感激。We are thinking of placing an order for your Flying Pigeon Brand bicycles. We would be very grateful if you could make us an offer for 200 ones with details.
3.请寄给我们有关你方英雄牌自来水笔和圆球笔的资料,以便我们向顾客介绍你们的产品。 Please send us all the data concerning your Hero Brand fountain pens and ball pens, so we can introduce your products to our customers.
4.我们认为你方的春兰牌空调机在这里会很畅销,希望很快收到你们的样品。 We think your Chunlan brand air conditioners will be selling well at this end and we are looking forward to receiving your samples soon.
5.请寄给我们贵方的石英钟价目单。 Please send us your price list of quartz clocks.
6.必须一开始就讲清的是,有竞争力的报价可以接受。We must make it clear from the very beginning that competitive quotations are acceptable.
7.上述询价已于10月10日发往你方,可是我们到现在还没收到你方答复,请早日发盘不甚感谢。 The above inquiry weas forwarded to you on Oct. 10, but we havent received your reply until now. Your early offer will be highly appreciated.
8.我们期待你方对我方的询盘做出答复。 We are looking forward to your reply to our inquiry.
9.我们对贵方的竹制品质量充满信心。 We have confidence in your bamboo wares.
10.如果贵方没有所要求质量的产品,请提供与之最接近的产品。If you dont have the quality inquired for, please offer us its nearest equivalent.