来源 2019-03-19

1.我们对贵方的印花真丝围巾很感兴趣,请介绍一下贵方的价格好吗? We are very interested in your printed pure silk scarves, could you give us some idea about your price?
2.我们想了解一下你方在这方面的供货能力及销售条件。Wed like to know your availability and conditions of sale of this line.
3.我们急需一等品。We are in great need of Grade A.
4.如果一等品无货,二等品也可以。If Grade A is not available, Grade B will do.
5.我们知道贵方是主要煤炭出口商,能满足我们的需求量。? We know that you are leading exporters of coal and you can provide the quantity we need.
6.请您把商品货号告诉我们。Please tell us the Article Number of the Product.
7.您能提供一个参考价吗?Could you give me an indication of the price?
8.希望贵方对我们感兴趣的工艺品报一下价。We look forward to your quotations for the arts and crafts which we are interested in.
9.你们报船上交货价还是到岸价?Do you offer FOB or CIF?
10.请接到我们的询价单后马上给我们报价。Please quote us as soon as you receive our inquiry.