来源 2019-02-27

1.今天我要向你们展示一些东西,我相信你们会感兴趣的。? Today, i'd like to show you something which Im sure youll find interesting.
2.这种软件的研制超过5000工作小时,今天我很荣辛地向你们展示它。? Over 5,000 hours of work went into this software, and today its my privilege to bring it to you.
3.今天跟你们说话至感荣幸。? Its an honor to be speaking to you today.
4.我叫巴纳德,能够向你们说明我们的新产品,我感到非常荣幸。? I'm Barnard and its my great honor to tell you about our new product.
5.有什么事情要我详细说明的吗?? Is there anything I can explain fully?
6.你认为我们的工厂怎样?? What did you think of our factories?
7.我有深刻的印象。? I was impressed very much.
8.我们占用了你宝贵的时间,非常感谢。? Thank you very much for giving us your valuable time.
9.你离开工厂时,我们有件小礼物要送给你。? We have a small gift for you to take with you when you leave the factory.
10.我想从贵公司购买一些电脑。? I want to purchase some computers from your company.