来源 2019-01-31

1.我们怎么会知道它对公司能有积极的效果呢?? How will we know whether it can have a positive effect on the company?
2.那是一个很难回答的问题。? Thats a tough question to answer.
3.一共要花多少钱呢?? How much will all this cost?
4.目前我要多讨论那个问题。? I will talk more about that in a moment.
5.我不知道答案,让我问一下陈先生看他有什么看法。? I dont know the answer, but let me ask Mr. Chen to comment on that.
6.我查对一下然后送还给你。? Ill check into it and get back to you.
7.我没有这个数据,但我会找到的。? I dont have the figures, but Ill find out.
8.那不是我的范围,但我会为你找出答案。? Thats not my area, but Ill get an answer for you.
9.那件事我让蒋先生来答复。? Lets ask Mr. Jiang to answer that.
10.各位女士各位先生,早上好,在这里见到你们大家使人感到非常满意。? Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Its very satisfying to see so many of you here.