来源 2019-01-29

1.真的,你想知道什么呢?? Sure, what did you want to know?
2.当然,你什么都可以问。? Certainly. Ask whatever you like.
3.我们确实有办法把这事办成吗?? Do we really have the means to actually pull this off?
4.对不起,你的问题我没有理解,请你再说一遍好吗?? I'm sorry, but I didnt understand your question. Could you please restate it?
5.请你把你的问题说清楚好吗?? Would you please clarify your question?
6.我没有听清楚,请你再说明一下好吗?? I didnt catch that, Could you go over that again?
7.抱歉,我不明白你的意思。? I'm sorry. I dont get what youre driving at.
8.请你把你的问题留到我把事情做完再问好吗?? Could you hold your questions until Ive finished?
9.如果你等我做完再询问我会感激你的。? I'd appreciate it if youd wait until be end for questions.
10.最后会有时间发问的。? Therell be time for questions at the end.