来源 2019-03-29

1.我们现在开始开会好吗?? Shall we start the meeting now?
2.谢谢你出席今天的会议。? Thank you for attending todays meeting.
3.在议程上第一件事就是销售额下降了。? The first thing on the agenda is the drop in sales.
4.本次会议的目的就是要讨论对悬而未解的问题的可能解决办法。? The purpose of this meeting is to discuss possible solutions for the pending issues.
5.让我们看一下议程讨论第一项。? Lets look at the agenda and talk the first item.
6.史密斯先生,你要开始做事了吗?? Mr. Smith, would you like to start things off?
7.我们已进行很久了,让我们休息一下好吗?? Weve gone over quite a lot. Shall we take a break?
8.我不知道你们是否要休息,但我想休息片刻。? I dont know about the rest of you, but i'd like a break.
9.我们暂停一下,10分钟后继续。? Lets stop here and continue in about 10 minutes.
10.哦,我认为我们该回到正题上了。? Well, I think its time we get back to business.