来源 2019-02-11

1.如果你能保证用惩罚延误发货方式准时发货,你的销售价我们可以接受。? If you can guarantee on-time delivery with a penalty for late delivery, we can accept your sales price.
2.运费由谁来负责呢?? Whose responsibility are the shipment charges?
3.谁负担运费呢?? Who assumes shipment cost?
4.那是属于买方的责任,我们仅承担提供所有文件的费用。? That would be the responsibility of the buyer. We are prepared, however, to provide all the documenttion costs.
5.我们也要贵方负责保险以及把货物运到港口的费用。? We would also want you to cover insurance and the cost of transporting the goods to the port.
6.如果是那样,我们也许需要重新讨论价格。? In that case, we might need to reopen the question of prices.
7.我们希望常规的发货时间是什么时候呢?? When could we typically expect delivery?
8.惩罚延迟发货有什么保证呢?? What sort of guarantees are there against late delivery?
9.请告诉我们几种可能的运输方式的价格。? Please show us the shipping costs for several possible carries.
10.我们必须核查一下由其他供应商提供的费率。? Well have to check these rates against those charged by other suppliers.