来源 2019-03-02

1.你们的产品尚未推出市场吗?? Have you marketed your product yet?
2.恐怕你们的产品质量无法使中国顾客满意。? Were afraid that your products quality wont satisfy Chinese customers.
3.我们认为产品的质量的确很高。? We feel product quality is high indeed.
4.我们认为贵方X200型符合我们的要求。? We think your X200 meets our requirements.
5.我恐怕这种产品不是我们所要找的。? I'm afraid that the item isnt what were looking for.
6.我认为你们的工业机器人在这领域是最好的。? I think your industrial robots are the best in the field.
7.就我的意见来说,产品价格必须订在300美元以下。? In my opinion, the product must be priced under $ 300.
8.我们认为你们的产品对广大市场而言太专业化了。? We feel your product is too specialized for mass marketing.
9.那使我们想起价钱问题,你心目中的价钱是多少?? That brings us to the question of price. What do you have in mind?
10.我们减少到每台8.7万美元,订购超过100台给予5%的折扣。? We think $ 87,000 per unit with a five percent discount for orders over 100.