来源 2019-02-25

1.我们提供永久保证。? We offer a life-time guarantee.
2.对于额外价钱我们有较长的保证期限。? We have an extended warranty available at extra cost.
3.我们的保证是包括更换零件和免费保养。? Our guarantee covers maintenance for both parts and labor.
4.告诉我们有关你们售后服务的情况。? Tell us about your post-purchase servicing.
5.我们采用大店服务中心,他们可把产品运送到我们的国内服务中心维修。? We use service centers at major stores. They ship goods back to our national service center for repairs.
6.我们对顾客提供免费服务电话。? We have a toll-free number for customers to call.
7.在各种情形下我们都可更换产品。? We exchange products under almost all circumstances.
8.请你把你们产品的性能给我们详细说明一下好吗?? Could you give us detailed descriptions of the capabilities of your product?
9.购买者期望你们产品的使用期是多久呢?? How long could the buyer expect your product to last?
10.消费者对你们的产品有过什么反映?? Whats been the consumer reaction to your product?