来源 2019-04-04

1.我们的产品在可在10月1日前准备好。? We certainly expect our product to be available by October 1.
2.到目前为止,你们的产品尚未在我们国家销售,是吗?? You havent sold your product in our country so far, have you?
3.我们的产品只在商展时展售,而没有办促销活动。? Weve only sold our product at trade fairs, not in an on-going sales campaign.
4.你报的价是每1000个要美金800元,如大量订购有折扣吗?? Youve already quoted a price of $ 800 per 1,000. Is there a discount for larger orders?
5.是的,有折扣,超过5000个我们可给5%的折扣。? Yes, there is. We can give a 5% discount for orders over 5,000 units.
6.根据订购数量的大小,我们可提供累进的折扣。? We can offer a discount in progressive stages according to the size of the order.
7.我们真的无法提供超过6%的折扣。? We really cant discount the price more than six percent.
8.6%的折扣是我权限内所能给你的。? A discount of six percent is all that I'm authorized to offer you.
9.你们提供什么样的产品保证呢?? What sort of guarantee do you offer on your product?
10.有一个原则,如果在一年内符合各种使用规定,就可更换。? A standard one. Replacement during the first year if all rules for proper use have been followed.