来源 2019-02-01

1.我们产品价格低廉,具有竞争力。? Our product is lower priced than the competition.
2.到目前为止,顾客对我们的服务质量评价甚高。? Our service has been very well-received by our customers so far.
3.这种产品的真正优点之一就是高质量和小体积。? One of the real pluses of this product is that it is of very high quality and of compact size.
4.我们可以看一下X200型的详细规格吗?? Could we see the specifications for the X200?
5.当然,同时我们也有测试结果,我们相信你们会有兴趣看的。? Certainly. And we also have test results that were sure youd be interested to see.
6.你们的零售商和消费者的反映怎样?? How about feed-back from your retailers and consumers?
7.在这份报告书内就有。? We have that right here in this report.
8.请你多告诉我一些你们的市场分析好吗?? Could you tell me some more about your market analysis?
9.好的,我们的市场分析告诉我们,我们产品主要的使用者年龄将在40至60岁。? Yes, our market analysis tells us our prime user will be between 40 and 60.
10.你们多久才可以把产品准备好呢?? How soon can you have your product ready?