来源 2019-02-25

1.我敢保证你会喜欢这种产品的。 I'm sure youll be pleased with this product.
2.我确信这种产品有各种你所要的款式。? I'm really positive that this product has all the features you have always wanted.
3.我强力推荐这种产品。 I strongly recommend this product.
4.如果我是你,我就选择这种产品。 If I were you, i'd choose this product.
5.这种产品我们已有很大的需要求量。 Weve already had a big demand for this product.
6.这种产品在国外很畅销。 This product is doing very well in foreign countries.
7.我们的产品在国际市场上具有竞争力。? Our product is competitive in the international market.
8.让我来说明是什么原因使我们的产品销售得那么好。? Lets move on to what makes our product sell so well.
9.很好,那正是我们想要听的。 Good. Thats just what we want to hear.
10.我们产品的特点就是它很轻。 The distinction of our product is its light weight.