来源 2019-01-31

1.请问支票受款人是谁,夫人?  To whom is the check payable, madam?
2.是的,我已得到中国银行的许可。请过目。  Yes, I have got the license from the Bank of China. Here you are.
3.您能否把电话号码告诉我,以便汇款一到就给您打电话?  Would you please tell me your phone number so that well ring you up as soon as the remittance arrives?
4.噢,您的汇款已经到了。  Yes, your money has arrived.
5.好的,先生。请填写这张汇款通知书。  Very well, sir. Please fill out this remittance slip.
6.发一张到伦敦的电汇,要收费多少?  How much do you charge for sending a cable transfer to London?
7.您想兑换多少?  How much do you want to change?
8.请你告诉我英镑兑换人民币的汇率是多少,好吗?  Would you please tell me the exchange rate for pound sterling into RMB?
9.给你,请查一下。  Here you are , please check.
10.我想把一些英镑换成人民币。  I want to change some British sterling into Renminbi.