来源 2019-03-18

1.这是您1000美元所换的人民币。给您护照和兑换清单。  Here are you Chinese Yuan for $ 1000. And your passport and exchange memo.
2.您想汇多少钱?  How much would you like to remit?
3.我想您是汇美元吧?  I suppose you want to send U.S. Dollars.
4.可以请问汇款的原因吗?  May I ask the reason for your remittance?
5.您想要航空信还是电汇,先生?  Do you want to remit the money by air mail or by cable, sir?
6.那么你要采用信汇,只是信汇汇款到纽约银行用的时间较长。  So you can take M/T, and they will take a longer time to reach New York Bank.
7.请坐一会儿好吗?我给您开个收据。  Would you care to take a seat while I make out a receipt?
8.那我就用信汇吧。  Ill take M/T.
9.汇款300英镑到伦敦,费用为3英镑。  For £300 to London, the commiossion is 3, please.
10.打扰了,你们办理汇款支票吗?  Excuse me, but do you handle remittance checks here?