来源 2019-02-19

1.是的,先生。本月12日这一天您的帐户上透支了15美元。  Yes, sir. Your account was overdrawn 15 dollars on the 12th of this month.
2.根据规定,先生,您应该补偿银行付的那笔款了。  According to the regulations, sir, youll have to reimburse the bank for the amount paid.
3.我想买些旅行支票。  I want to buy some travellers checks.
4.听说你们储蓄率刚调过,是真的吗?  I have been told you have just changed the interest rate on savings accounts. Is that true?
5.您支票本带来了没有?  Have you got your cheque book with you?
6.您要转帐的金额。  The amount you want to transfer.
7.大概在3天后,支票就可以兑现了。  The cheque will be cleared in about three days.
8.噢,原来是这样,那我再去查查看。  I see. Ill go and check.
9.我能否用万事达卡来兑换些钱吗?  Hello, may I change some money with my Master card?
10.可以,让我看看您的卡。  Yes, you can. Would you please show me your card?