来源 2019-02-13

1.抱歉,她外出了,你要留口信吗?  Sorry, She is out. Shall I take a message?
2.我会请她回电话。  I'm going to put on to her.
3.声音不清楚。  The voice is not distinct.
4.打电话到我办公室。  Give me a ring at my office.
5.我要打对方付费的电话到台湾的台北。  I'd like to make an overseas call to Taibei, Taiwan by collect call.
6.我要打到伦敦的叫人电话好吗?  Can I fix an overseas call to London by person-to-person call?
7.对方的姓名是什么?  What is your parts name?
8.你的姓是怎样拼写的?  How do you spell your last name?
9.请换成英镑吧。  Pound Sterling please.
10.这个,呃,我看可以。您想透支多少?  Well, er, in your case, I see no reason why not. Whats your proposition?