来源 2019-03-15

1.他正在通话。  He is on the phone.
2.这个电话不通。  This telephone line is interrupted.
3.电话串线了。  The wire has got crossed.
4.请问是谁打来的?  Who is speaking?
5.恐怕你打错号码了。  I'm afraid you have the wrong number.
6.打265-5822.  Ill calling 265-5822.
7.请挂电话。  Please ring off.
8.我回电话给你。  Ill call you back.
9.让我在电话中和她讲些话。  Let me talk to her over the phone.
10.请你叫沈小姐来接电话好吗?  Would you call Miss Shen to the telephone?