来源 2019-01-23

1.我能用一下电话吗?  May I use the telephone?
2.我姓沈。  This is Shen calling.
3.沈先生吗?  Is that Mr.Shen?
4.是的,我姓沈。  Yes, this is Shen speaking.
5.你要和谁讲话?  Whom do you want to talk to?
6.我要和杰克先生讲话。  I'd like to speak to Mr. Jack.
7.我会打电话到他的公司和你联络。  Ill connect you with his office.
8.抱歉让你久等了,接通了。  Sorry kept you waiting so long. You are on .
9.占线。  The line is busy.
10.没有人接电话。  No answer.