来源 2019-04-06

1.我整晚都在这里。  I will be here all night.
2.好的,我会等候你的。  All right, I will be waiting for you .
3.喂,是陈先生的家吗?  Hello, is this the home of Mr. Chen?
4.喂,我想和陈先生讲话。  Hello. I wish to speak to Mr.Chen?
5.请你重说一遍好吗?  Will you please repeat it?
6.他已经离开了。  He has left already .
7.他正在出席会议。  He is attending a conference now.
8.喂!我是接线员。  Hello, This is operator.
9.我稍后会打电话给你。  Ill call you up later.
10.我要和麦考伊先生讲话好吗?  May I talk to Mr.McCoy?