来源 2019-03-09

1.我的朋友昨天上午10点打电话给我。  My friend phoned me at 10 a.m. Yesterday.
2.电话占线。  The phone is busy.
3.抱歉使你久等了。  Sorry to have kept you waiting.
4.你要跟谁讲话?  Who do you want to speak to ?
5.你打什么号码?  What number are you calling?
6.总机,你给我接错号码了。  Operator, you gave me a wrong number.
7.你从哪打来的?  Where are you calling from?
8.我打的是公用电话。  I'm calling from a public phone.
9.电话跟我联络。  Contact me by telephone.
10.我6点至8点都在。  I will be in between six and eight.